Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation



The BT3000 is a modern concept in sleep technology. Your new Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation is power adjustable and offers much more than just stand features. It includes the features you would expect, like wireless remote control(s) with programmable memory comfort, seated and sleeping positions. Imagine each night when you go to bed being able to adjust to your favorite position for your head and foot or choosing from nearly endless massage settings that will have you so relaxed that you will gently and peacefully drift off to sleep like never before.  Welcome to advanced sleep technology. The future of better and smarter sleep is here.


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Our story is one of first-class luxury that can be attained by everyone. You deserve the best rest, and for most of us, perfect rest is defined as a complete and restful night of blissful sleep. Most of us can honestly say that we probably need to achieve a higher level of rest. What might that take? For some an articulating bed with a luxury mattress that offers greater comfort and quality is essential, and brings them one step closer to their ideal sleep experience. Let’s get into the details of the Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation.


The Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation


What’s possible with a new Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation? Owners have claimed their new beds have helped to reduce sleep apnea and improve acid reflux symptoms, mitigate back pain, ease painful pressure points, and even improve circulation throughout the body. Savvy sleepers have discovered the wide variety of health and sleep benefits found in modern sleep technology. These sleep systems are light years ahead of traditional flat box springs and foundations under ordinary flat beds that basically have not changed for over 120 years.


Are power adjustable bed bases just a fad, or simply a fancy new type of motorized bed? Watching our customers test rest them in our showroom has been like few sleep products we have ever offered. Owners are discovering a new feel they have not been able to experience in their current beds. They are also discovering their health benefits and most importantly discovering unmatched quality and comfort only found in the modern Bedtech Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation.


Excellence is a non-negotiable commitment we take very seriously. Why? We believe everyone is worthy of a lifetime filled with superb sleep.


Learn More About Perfect Mattress Support


What Kind Of Mattress Is Needed On An Flexible Bed Base?

Don’t be misled, you should not attempt to use just any mattress. You must use a mattress type that is compatible with the movement and flexibility of an adjustable base or risk voiding your mattress warranty and/or ruining it. Generally, non-innerspring mattresses like foam, memory foam, and natural latex rubber are compatible with adjustable bed platforms.

Not all coil spring mattresses are compatible so before using your old mattress or buying a new one make certain it is designed to articulate with a power-adjustable base.


Additionally, you will want to use a mattress that can handle the abuse of seating. Seated positions like watching TV highly concentrate body weight that is ordinarily more distributed across the mattress surface.


What Can Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation Do?


It Can Do More, A Whole Lot More. Just Take A Look.

• Ergonomic Full-Range Positions Adjustment.

• Upper Body Incline up to 23 degrees.
• Lifts and Lowers Head by using the arrow up button.
• Lowers Head and Foot by using the down button.

• Double Up Arrow raises both head and foot simultaneously.
• Double Up Down lowers both head and foot simultaneously.
• 3 Preset positions: TV / Zero gravity / Lounge.

• 3 Levels of massage intensity for the Head & Foot along with 3 modes of vibration. Wave, Pulse, or Constant Full Body Massage to satisfy different needs and demands.

• Dual-level massage (Only available if purchased as a split bed).

• 2 Programmable memory positions / M1 & M2 for easy 1 Touch Programmable Memory Position. Possibilities.

• One Touch Return to Flat.

• Bluetooth Compatible. Connects to both Android and iPhone via our Bedtech App.

• Support an adult couple. Great quality for years of enjoyment.



2 USB charging ports built into the underside of the bed base.

• Wireless Design- Who wants to be connected to a leash? Convenient and easy to use.
• Backlit illumination- Easier to read, even at night.
• Built In Flashlight – Hand Control.
• Dual firmness capability when individual control of dual bases is desired.
• Synchronized capability when dual bases are paired. NO Sync Cable Required.

• Center folding design/Easy setup (no tools).

•  Low Profile/Platform ready design for those who have platform beds.


Safety Features

Under-bed LED lighting.

• Built In Flashlight – Hand Control.

• Emergency power down battery box.
• Power surge protection is Recommended. (Not Included)
• Built In Flashlight – Hand Control.
• Mattress retainer bar.


Can I Use My New Or Existing Bed?

Fits within or on top of most standard bed frames whether you have a headboard only, headboard, and footboard or you would like your new power adjustable bed base to free stand on its own adjustable height legs.


Can I Use A Headboard Only With an Adjustable Bed Case?

The majority of headboards will work with an adjustable base. You can either attach your headboard to your adjustable base or keep it separate. In order to attach it you will need to purchase optional headboard brackets.


Can I Use A Headboard And Footboard With An Adjustable Bed Base?

In most cases, the answer is yes. You will use your headboard, footboard, and side rails only. The new power-adjustable base sits within the framework of your existing bed. The bed simply surrounds the bed but does not actually support it. Determine needed leg height and attach adjustable legs.



  • Turn off the power supply first before moving the adjustable bed.
  • Always put the Adjustable Bed on a solid flat floor.
  • Make sure that the adjustable bed is in a flat position first before sitting on it.
  • Be sure to follow the weight limits for the adjustable bed.
  • Inspect wires for damage frequently.

*While many have shared their personal experience and benefits from an adjustable foundation, these claims have not been validated by medical testing. Your bed’s foundation is not a medical device. Please consult your doctor if you suffer from any of the aforementioned medical conditions.

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10 Year Warranty, No Extended Warranty

Product Features

Particular Details For Our Standard Premium BT3000 Adjustable Bed Foundation


Bed Base Height Options (Not including mattress)

Overall, Power Base Bed height including bed deck/platform

15” tall with 12” Leg assembly
• 11” tall with 8” Leg assembly
• 7” tall with 4” Leg assembly
• 3” tall. Designed for Platform Bed Usage. No Legs are needed. Simply install it on your solid platform bed floor. It cannot be a wood-slatted platform. In this application, the slats would need to be removed, and then utilize the included steel legs that work with your platform bed’s height. Your bed simply surrounds the free-standing adjustable power base.


Included Accessories:

4 Adjustable Legs- Customize them as follows. Choose from 12” (8”+4”) / 8” / or low profile 4”
• Mattress retainer bar- When the head of the mattress is elevated, this holds the mattress in position so it will not slide off the end.


Weight Capacity

  • 850 lbs.


Available Accessories:

  • Headboard Brackets
  • Adjustable Mattress Options


  • 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • Year 1: Full Coverage of Parts and Labor
  • Years 2 through 20: Prorated Coverage of Parts Only (Non-Electrical)

10-Year Extended Protection Plan.




  • Twin- 38 x 75
  • Twin XL- 38 x 80
  • Full 54 x 80
  • Queen 60 x 80
  • Queen Split Queen- 30 x 80 Each Adjustable Base (Includes 2 Pieces)
  • King- 76 x 80
  • Split King- 38 x 80 Each Adjustable Base (Includes 2 Pieces)
  • California King- 76 x 80
  • California King Split- 36 x 84 Each Adjustable Base (Includes 2 Pieces)


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