Full To Queen Bed Frame Converter (CV1L)



If you have a full-size headboard and footboard that hooks in or bolts onto a headboard and you would like to increase your mattress size to a queen, this is the perfect frame. Glideaway’s Full To Queen Bed Frame Converter (CV1L). No need to buy a new bed or bedroom furniture.


This will help you increase your sleeping surface tremendously. Our converter rails are made right here in the USA!

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Full To Queen Bed Frame Converter (CV1L) From Glideaway


Why would I need A CV1L Full-Queen Bed Frame Converter?


If you currently have a bedroom furniture set that matches and simply want to upgrade the mattress size from a 54-inch wide full to a 60-inch wide queen you no longer have to buy a new queen-size bed or a whole new bedroom group to make your dream come true. Simply purchase a CV1L full to queen bed frame converter and make your full-size bed into a queen.


Many queen headboards today already offer such versatility. Since there is only 3 inches difference on each side of the bed now, the older style full-size headboards can fit your new queen-size mattress.


Measurements And Fit Of The CV1L Full-Queen Bed Frame Converter Rail System


Hook-in rails when attached are 83 inches in length. Once the side rails are installed the system provides an extra inch at each end of an 80-inch long queen-size mattress. This is the perfect distance: Still easy to make and pillows won’t slide between the mattress and headboard.


Heavy duty hook-in or bolt-on angle iron rail system converts full-size bed to accommodate Queen size bedding. The Center leg with adjustable foot eliminates boxspring sag, attached to the steel center cross support, helps distribute the weight of the bedding; proper weight distribution prevents bed legs from cracking and splitting.


Height Range: 7½” – 11″

How To Assemble The CV1L Bed Frame

NOTE: This will NOT work with a queen split boxspring

Have a thick mattress? Check out the Extra Heavy Duty Convertible Bed Frame or the DRCV1L to lower the height of your Mattress Set

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Made in America

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 8 × 3 in
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