Do Two Twins Equal a King?

Do two twin mattresses make a king size bed?

You might be surprised to learn that these are nothing more than 2 twins beds pushed together. Industry pros might call it a really short king. Much confusion surrounds what this make shift bed size really is. What ever you call it there are some interesting facts about this mattress conundrum.

The industry standard mattress size for an Eastern King size bed 76 x 80. Putting two twin size box springs underneath measures 38 x 75. Putting an 80 inch king mattress on two regular 75 inch twin boxsprings is in fact 5 inches shorter than the king mattress leaving the 80 inch mattress hanging off the ends of  twin boxspring by 5 inches leaving the mattress unsupported.

Do two twin extra longs make a king?

Yes, the mattress industry uses 2 Twin E.L. (Extra Long) boxsprings which each measures 38 x 80 and are then placed under a 76 x 80 king mattress. What makes this whole thing confusing is when you place 2 twin mattresses side by side they are the exact same width as a standard king size bed. Many people insist pushing two twins together are the same as a king, however when you visit your local department stores like Kohl’s, JC Penny’s and Bed Bath and Beyond and purchase king size sheets, you will find that the fitted sheet does not fit, leaving the king fitted sheet fitting with 5 inches of slack.

I have often read that 2 twin box springs will fit underneath a California King, which measures 72 x 84. This is not true. The mattress and box spring industry specifically makes a 36 x 84 boxspring for the Cal. King bed which uses 2 that fit perfectly under this extra long mattress. Sheets also are available in Cal. King size.

So what happens if I push my two twin mattresses together?

For those who would like to push to twins together and make a “short king”, this is America – go for it! However, to my knowledge there is no bedding ensembles made to fit this, so here is my solution. Improvise by purchasing two fitted twin sheets, one king flat sheet, and 2 king pillow cases separately.

You are now ready to stop sleeping like Lucy and Ricky and push your beds together. Sleep tight!