Learn All About Daybeds.

All About Daybeds

May 28, 2019
Daybeds & Trundles

The Most Versatile Beds – All About Daybeds

All about daybeds… Day beds are very versatile in the manner that you use them. You can simply sit on them like a couch, you can lounge on them like a bed or you can pull out the extra mattress underneath to create a king-size bed with two mattresses for unexpected company.

Some More Information About Day Beds

Modern daybeds are very comfortable in comparison with the back in the day couches that had a mattress inside to pull out and make a full-sized bed for company. If you ever slept on one of the old styles, you will most likely remember feeling the center metal support bar all through the night and waking up stiff the next morning. Daybeds evolved from these sleeper sofas and they are very comfortable and stylish now.

Daybed Or Day Bed

Whether you spell it as one word or two, both a daybed and a day bed are the exact same item. It looks like a couch, can be used as a single bed or you can pull out an additional mattress and raise it to make a king-size bed that is about 5 inches shorter than a traditional king size mattress.

This design is perfect for smaller rooms and they are often used in kid’s rooms so that when they have a sleepover, their friend can sleep in the same bed. They are also very handy in a spare bedroom so that it can be used as a sitting area or a lounging area near a window to read a good book. Of course, they serve the purpose of sleeping two people on them also.

Day Bed Details

The back of the day bed is called a back chair rail. It serves the same purpose as a headboard on a traditional bed. The chair rail extends down the length of the back of the day bed and it connects on both sides to daybed arms. The support system is a grid-like supporting linked spring that the mattress lies on. A day bed differs from a futon in that it has a headboard and the futon does not. A futon back is like a couch because the back is cushioned by the mattress that folds into the shape of a couch and it converts to a bed by unfolding it and laying it flat to use the entire mattress portion. The back of a day bed is a hard frame that is usually made of wood or metal and its mattress does not fold as a futon mattress does.

What Is A Link Spring?

The terms link spring and link spring are actually the same items. This is the framework that supports the mattress and the weight of the person sleeping on it. The day bed link spring attaches the sides of the day bed together making it very strong and supportive. It is used in place of a box spring that takes up much more space and it also allows the mattress to flex and last longer.

The link spring is an energy-absorbing support system with a liked wire mesh in a grid formation that helps to distribute the mattress and the body weight. Different models can use various numbers of cross supports to support the middle of the rectangle. This can include a simple X formed by wires or in most cases one steel bar for center support of the sleeper. The better models of day beds will have more durable and longer-lasting link spring units that have at least two steel support bars for a longer-lasting product.

Some models of day beds use a poly link spring made of polyester and nylon mesh that is locked into place by a series of springs that lie over the top of the linked spring grid. Some support systems are called polypropylene decks. The link spring designs act as a support frame and it is attached with bolts and bridges to the ends of the day bed frame either by adjustable or universal mounting brackets. Depending on the number of slots in the mounting plate, the link spring can be raised or lowered a few inches to create additional clearance underneath a day bed for the perfect storage area for an additional mattress in a small room. This space is also the same area that a trundle unit would occupy.

What Are Other Link Springs?

Other types of link springs that may be confused with standard day bed link springs are roll out link springs and roll-out, pop-up link springs. These are designed as the traditional link springs and they fit under the decorative daybed frame to act as a second bed or to make one larger bed. When the pop-up design is used it raises up to the height of the first mattress so it can be used as one king-size mattress. An item to note is that the linked spring trundle doesn’t work very well with mattresses that are thicker than about 7 or 8 inches. Mattresses thicker than that will not leave enough clearance to fit in the unit underneath the day bed and out of sight.

What Are Day Beds Made From?

Day beds can be made from a variety of building materials, although the majority are built from iron, metal or many different types of wood ranging from oak to pine. Day beds come in a variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern and contemporary to rustic to fit any decor you may have. You can find day beds in a huge array of colors and this includes painted finishes and wrought iron, which is the most common and sought after today.

How Do Day Beds Work?

A daybed mattress rests on linked spring support to offer just the right amount of giving and support for you while sleeping or lounging. Day bed mattresses are basically a twin mattress that measures 38 inches by 75 inches. When you convert a single mattress to a king-size bed, you add a trundle unit with a mattress to it. The additional mattress tucks away neatly underneath the first mattress to be out of sight when it’s not in use. You may choose a roll-out trundle that simply rolls out from under the first mattress or pops up trundle. The popup trundle can be pushed up against the daybed frame that contains the first mattress and it makes a bigger bed or it can remain low to the floor and be used as two twin beds.

Day beds are a great asset to any home because of the versatility, the ability to match any decor, and the durability to last for many years. If you are in the market for a new bed, why not get one to sit on, lounge on, and one that is able to sleep one or two people all in one stylish unit. Today we hope you learned all about daybeds.


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