California King Size Mattresses Become More Popular

California King Size Mattresses Become More Popular

September 8, 2012
In the Bedroom

Have California King Size Mattresses Become More Popular? There is no doubt that this odd sized mattress is gaining ground on the more mainstream sizes you can find in any furniture or mattress store. So what is the reason more people are choosing them? What is so different about them? Can I find bedding that will fit a California King and will it cost more than other sized mattresses? These are just some of the questions we will answer in todays article.

Measurements Details about the California King Size Mattress

The California King Size Mattress is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than an eastern king.   Measurements for a Cal. King (72 x 84) and an eastern king measures (76 x 80).   The Cal. King is a great choice for couples who desire the added personal space in bed but don’t have the square footage in the bedroom to fit the wider eastern king bed.

California King Size Mattresses Become More Popular Have California King Size Mattresses Become More Popular?

The California King Size or sometimes called the Western King Size Mattress is 12 inches wider and 4 inches longer than a queen. Measurements Cal. King (72 x 84) and a queen measures (60 x 80). Many people made the switch from the old full size / double beds their parents and even grandparents once used to rest more comfortably in a wider queen. While it is wider the truth is 6 inches of additional space still isn’t enough. Queen size beds still offer less space for each sleeper than a child gets in a twin eight inches less to be exact. A California king with the extra 12 inches of total width gives each sleeper plenty of space to stretch out and relax.

Have California King Size Mattresses Become More Popular?

Let’s face it purchasing a mattress that is to small is a huge mistake we don’t want to make so do your homework. While people desire more walk space in the bedroom the fact is sleep space in the bed is the only thing that matters for most of us and these western sized king mattresses have it.   Not only do they add extra width but they also include 4 inches of length making them a perfect choice for people who are taller, or like to sleep with their arm stretched out under a pillow. They are also a better choice for those that like to stretch out and don’t want to feel cramped by a headboard.

Adult couples who have children or pets that like to hop into bed with them will find the California King to be roomier than full or queen size mattresses.

Second largest standard sleep size being offered

California kings can be easier to move up stairways with low overhangs, through close-fitting turns and corridors even doorways. The split boxsprings are as easy to maneuver and carry when moving as kids twin size box spring.

Things to take note of about the California King Beds

They are still very large mattresses and may not fit some areas so double check measurements. While Sheets may be abundant on the West Coast it is likely a different story in other parts of the country. Colors, styles, and pattern selection will often be more limited to bigger department stores and online retailers.

California King can utilize 3 standard pillows or 2 regular king size pillows to span the beds width.   Expect California King bedding to cost more the Eastern king sizes. This added cost is due to the limited production and additional fabric it takes to make