Shopping and wondering the difference. Queen size mattress Vs. a full-size mattress.

Queen Size Mattress Vs. A Full-Size Mattress, The Differences

December 17, 2009
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If you are trying to choose between a queen-size mattress or a full-size mattress we would like to share a  few interesting facts that may help you determine which size might work best for your needs. So Queen Size Mattress Vs. A Full-Size Mattress?

So Does Size Matter?

Of course, it does. First, let’s compare the queen-size mattress to the full-size mattress.

  • Queen measures 60 inches wide x 80 inches long
  • Full measures 54 inches wide x 75 inches long

The obvious difference of 5 extra inches in the length should not be easily shrugged off. For most average height sleepers it is the difference between your feet hanging off the bed or not hanging off the bed.

The extra 6 inches in width that comes with a queen-size bed is a must-have for any adult couple that sleeps together. Personally, I love my king-size bed, but if you don’t have room for a king then go for the queen you will never regret it. Over the years in the showroom working sales I have had a routine of telling people that space is part of comfort and online there is no variance from that routine.

Should I Choose A Queen-Size Mattress Over A Full?

If you consider that the average crib mattresses usually measure 28″ x 52″ you’ll want to take notice that a full-size bed in fact has less space to sleep in than a baby’s crib bed. I love my wife and enjoy sharing our bed but no thanks.  At least with a queen size, I would have a fighting chance to get comfortable.

Stepping away from the obvious my wife Kathy pointed something out to me many people may not realize. The truth is that one of the biggest problems in full-size mattresses can be a limited selection of sheets, comforters, and other linens. She brings up a very good point because queen size beds are the most popular mattress size in the world for adults. It stands to reason, this is where people will find the best selection of bedding for mattresses because mfg. will market to the masses.

Bedroom with no people. Queen Size Mattress Vs. A Full-Size Mattress.

Finally, since we were just talking about selection I have to ask you a question. Have you been out shopping and tried to find a full-size bed lately? I have been to some of the biggest furniture markets in the world and I can tell you this I couldn’t find many due to a large amount of furniture importing taking place. Headboards that are sold today are typically sold in a combination queen and full size taking up less cargo space in shipping containers. Combination headboards will attach to both size mattresses. They look great however if you are limited on space the headboard is 60 inches wide making it tough to fit into bedrooms that can only accommodate a 54 inch wide full.

When it comes to full-size headboards and footboards, forget about it, they’re even rarer these days. Queen sizes now commonly utilize full-size conversion steel rails allowing the use of full-sized mattress sets for those who do not want to purchase new mattresses. The same problem still exists as mentioned before if the bedroom will not fit a 60 wide headboard and in this case footboard.

So Why Buy A Full Size Mattress?

  • Great space savers.
  • Great for teenagers.
  • Cheaper than queens.
  • Bedding cost less for full size.

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