Instantly Customize Your Mattress — The Benefits Of Sleeping On Air

Instantly Customize Your Mattress — The Benefits of Sleeping on Air

February 13, 2017
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For many, the term air mattress conjures up images of college students, overcrowded family gatherings, and neck/back pain. If these are the first things you think of when you imagine sleeping on air, your mind is about to be blown. Would you believe me if I told you that you could instantly adjust the firmness, angle, and other aspects of your mattress at the push of a button? Well, with mattresses specifically designed with air chambers rather than traditional springs or foam you can do all those things and more.

The basic idea of a customizable air mattress is this: where traditional mattresses use springs to provide support, these instead use air chambers that can add or release pressure to fine-tune the firmness of the entire mattress or specific areas of the mattress. This means that if you sleep with a partner, many air-chamber mattresses will allow you to adjust comfort settings for each person!

There are a lot of good reasons to make the switch to an air chamber mattress, we’ve gone ahead and outlined a few of the major reasons for you to consider.

Sleep Undisturbed

One major benefit of sleeping on a mattress with an air chamber system for those who sleep with someone else is that each side usually has it’s own separate air chambers, so if you or your partner tends to toss and turn at night the other partner will remain undisturbed. This is a side effect of separating the mattress into halves to allow each user to customize the comfort settings.

Swap Components for Longevity

In a traditional mattress, if the springs wear out there is little to no chance of the mattress surviving. However, in a mattress utilizing an air chamber system, you are able to swap out components for new or different models, significantly extending the life of the mattress. These mattresses are built with customization in mind, and so components are relatively simple to remove and replace.

Air chamber mattresses have a high initial price compared to traditional mattresses, and the price puts many people off from this wonderful technology. If you take care of the mattress, and maintain the components regularly, over time it can be the same or less expensive than what you would have spent on a comparable spring mattress.

Adjustable Support for Different Body Areas

One key feature of air chamber mattresses is that you are able to adjust support of specific areas of your body without adjusting the entire mattress. For example, if you want more lumbar support, simply increase the air pressure in the middle of the mattress and leave the rest of the mattress as is. This provides a high degree of customizability of comfort settings, and each consumer can fine-tune his or her mattress to their liking.

Most air chamber mattresses have a 6-inch or so layer of padding over the air chamber itself. This padding is usually made of polyurethane foam, though it could also be made from latex or other materials. When shopping for an air chamber mattress, keep in mind your specific wants/needs. Though it sounds counter-intuitive, if you want more support, go for a thinner layer of padding. This is because a thinner layer of padding allows for a greater level control of the firmness of the mattress by the air chambers.

Health Benefits of Sleeping Better

Unsurprisingly, people who get enough restful sleep are often happier, more aware, and generally in better health than those who don’t. The mattress you sleep on can play a huge role in how well your body is able to rest, and air chamber mattresses can give you the tools to fine tune this experience and maximize the amount of rest you get each night.

In addition to feeling more awake and aware, proper neck/back support is crucial to preventing the types of aches and pains that can signify some serious health issues. All bodies are shaped slightly differently, and not every mattress is able to support every body type. This becomes a bigger issue for couples sharing a mattress, what is comfortable for one person may not be for the other person.

Whether you are used to memory foam, traditional springs, or even water, sleeping on air is sure to revolutionize the way that you rest. The experience of being able to adjust every aspect of your mattress until it feels just right is incomparable to anything else. If nothing else, take the time to go to your local mattress store and try out a few models, you might be surprised at just how useful this technology is.