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Heavy Duty Steel Bed Foundation with StorageHeavy Duty Steel Bed Foundation with Storage

Heavy Duty Steel Bed Foundation with Storage – Forever Foundation Store More Black

Rated 5.00 out of 5

3 in 1 Bed Frame, Foundation & Storage!

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Nothing lasts longer than the Forever Foundation Store More Black. This outstanding Steel bed gives your ultimate mattress support and long lasting durability, which can easily handle the additional weight of today’s luxury mattresses. Lets face it the majority of boxsprings built today are simply wooden boxes covered with decorative fabric that only add to your cost without adding real value to your purchase. The Store More Max Plus gives more, 9 to 13 all-steel mattress support slats. It stands by itself and includes 4 heavy duty legs that are 8″ tall for the ample storage space you need. Mattress support brackets at the foot of the bed for safe sturdy seating. Naturally resistant to bed bugs. 100% recyclable. No bed frame and boxspring and it’s exempt from mattress recycle laws.

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