STL Bed has the hardware and parts you need to maintain and care for your hardside or softside waterbed. Whether you need the attachments to connect to your faucet for draining, filling or adjusting your water level or you need to rebuild and repair your hard or soft sided we carry the parts you need.

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8 oz Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner


8 oz Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner is perfect for all types of waterbeds, including fiber filled, free flow, and hydraulic chamber waterbed bladders. It is specially formulated to treat the spun polyester fiber that controls wave motion and adds extra support and it is highly concentrated for this application for up to 1 full year. If you do not need the concentrated dosage you can use our 8oz Waterbed Conditioner. Blue Magic® Free Shipping on this productwas once found on all Wal Mart store shelves and thanks to Blue Magic it can still  be found on ours. Don’t forget that we offer Free Shipping and Handling. Learn more about why you should add it, and what it does below on this page.


Patch Repair Kit


Water bed Repair Kit | Waterbed Patch Kit by Boxer Adhesives. Why pay more for Blue Magic?
Contrary to belief, you do not have to buy a new waterbed mattress. You can easily and quickly repair waterbed leaks using the Boxer Adhesives heavy duty vinyl patch.  Simply trim the vinyl to fit the hole and apply the vinyl cement. Detailed do it yourself repair instructions below.WARNING: Do not attempt to repair seams. Leaks on corner, bottom, and side seams are not glued when shipped out new from the factory. Glue will not hold them together seams are not repairable with this kit.

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Vinyl Waterbed & Air Mattress Repair Kit. Other uses:

  • Beach Ball
  • Vinyl Air Rafts
  • Umbrella
  • Water Bed
  • Plastic Upholstery in House or Car
  • Shower Curtains
  • Pool Covers
  • Inflatable Toys

Waterbed Hardware Pack


Our waterbed hardware pack is everything you need to assemble your hardside waterbed frame. Free Shipping on this product The complete hardware package includes all the metal brackets and self tapping wood screws needed to assemble your hard side waterbed. See our tips below.

* 4 Larger Corner Brackets

* 4 Smaller L Brackets

* Plenty of long 1¼” screws

* Plenty of ½” screws

17Venturi Pump

Drain & Fill Kit | Conditioner


The Drain & Fill Kit | Conditioner is the complete H2o package and it has everything you need to fill and drain either a hardside waterbeds or a softside waterbed. Free Shipping on this product Below we have included some drain and fill instructions we hope you will find helpful and make your job easier and faster. If it still seems a big confusing or we did not explain what to do in a way that is clear please give us a call we would be happy to share some very useful tips that are especially useful when draining your fiber filled baffled mattress. Our method of draining is explained in a way that it drains the system complete and will be as lightweight as possible!

Drain and Fill Kit | Condidtioner Includes:

* Faucet Adaptor (Male & Female Fitting, See Photo)
* Mattress Adapter
* Super pump
* Necessary washers
* 8oz Blue Magic All Purpose Fiber Conditioner (1 Year Dosage) This can also be used for free flow waterbed mattresses


Thermal Guardian Hardside Waterbed Heater


The full watt Thermal Guardian Hardside Waterbed Heater is specifically designed for the hard side water beds. It can be uses for all three sizes which include Super Single, Queen, and California King. If your old waterbed heater is not maintaining proper temperature or has completely quit  a Thermal Guardian Heater is the solution.  NOTE this heater should never bed used in a bed with a fill level of less than 8 inches. See installation instructions for complete details.


Waterbed Pump & Maintenance Kit


If you build houses or work on cars for a living, you need the proper tools to get the job done right and to do it fast. It’s not different with your flotation waterbed. Perhaps the most under rated part of owning a softside or hardside waterbed is the care and draining of the bed. The Drain Hero comes to the rescue with all the parts needed to fill up, drain down, and properly care and maintain for your waterbed.


Low Watt Softside Waterbed Mattress Heater


The Low Watt Heater from Thermal Guardian is perfect for your mid fill, shallow fill, or deep fill soft side waterbeds.

It doesn’t matter if you have a tube or cylinder type softside, single or dual bladder softside the Thermal Guardian heater will keep the temperature regulated on your softside waterbed exactly where you like it. For more details on this heater look below.