Drain & Fill Kit | Conditioner


The Drain & Fill Kit | Conditioner is the complete H2o package and it has everything you need to fill and drain either a hardside waterbeds or a softside waterbed. Free Shipping on this product Below we have included some drain and fill instructions we hope you will find helpful and make your job easier and faster. If it still seems a big confusing or we did not explain what to do in a way that is clear please give us a call we would be happy to share some very useful tips that are especially useful when draining your fiber filled baffled mattress. Our method of draining is explained in a way that it drains the system complete and will be as lightweight as possible!

Drain and Fill Kit | Condidtioner Includes:

* Faucet Adaptor (Male & Female Fitting, See Photo)
* Mattress Adapter
* Super pump
* Necessary washers
* 8oz Blue Magic All Purpose Fiber Conditioner (1 Year Dosage) This can also be used for free flow waterbed mattresses

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