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Danco Metal Faucet Adapter to Garden Hose

Everything you need without need for a handy man or handyman skills. If you have ever had a need for your garden hose to be a water source inside your home and wish it could connect one of your indoor sink faucets, you’re in luck. The sturdy solid connection can be used for all kinds of needs including waterbed drain and fill super pump kits and aquarium filling and Gravel Vac® Kits. It replaces cheap plastic faucet adapters that cross thread and strip, come loose, or break. Use it attach a garden hose to your kitchen , bathroom or utility sink inside your home. Simply remove the aerator on your faucet and attach the Danco Metal Garden Hose Faucet Adapter. Fit most faucets and takes just a couple minutes to attach.


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Sizing for the Sink Adapter

  • 15/16″-27 or 55/64″-27FX
  • 3/4″GHTM or 55/64″-27M

Connects Female Garden Hose to Male or Female Faucet
Connects Male or Female Aerator to Male or Female Faucet

Quick Tip Instruction Guide

Purchase a Threaded Faucet Adapter

This small connector is threaded to fit a standard faucet such as kitchen or bathroom faucet. One end is threaded to fit at the sink while on the other end, it is threaded and ordinary garden hose like you would use outside. Be sure figure out what kind of faucet you have they are not all the same size. Our sizing for the Danco Metal Faucet Adapter is listed below. A low cost time saving solution so put away the buckets.

Remove the Aerator on your faucet

If your faucet has an aerator fitting underneath it usually can be removed. This is located where the water comes out. If yours is newer or has been off recently you will need to remove it by twisting clockwise. Sometimes they can be stubborn if they are old and have a lot of lime or calcium build up. You will then need to break bond on this fitting and screw it out. The fitting usually consists of a simple rubber stopper and is often easy to remove by hand. Grasping the aerator with an old rag and a pair of pliers is usually all that is needed to break it loose and then simply unthread the fitting. There is likely a screen and a washer. Remember the order so you can put it back on when you’re are finished.

Thread the Adapter Securely

NOTE: Do not force it. Do not cross thread. Cautiously twist the adapter into your faucet of choice. Bathtubs and showers and usually not an option. If it doesn’t fit check your size. Forcing it can not only damage the adapter but the faucet as well. Rotate until snug do not over tighten.

Almost done, now Attach the Hose

To do this locate the female end of the hose. Be sure there is a O Ring washer installed to minimize and reduce leakage at the connection point. Then simply screw it to the newly installed Danco Metal Faucet Adapter. Same as before take extra cautions to not cause damage by overtightening or cross threading when you screw your garden hose to the spout. The entire process is quick easy and pretty mess free. Keep a wash rag or towel handy to wrap around the connection point in case there is any leaks.

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