Deluxe Professional Waterbed Hose Kit By Blue Magic



Deluxe Professional Waterbed Hose Kit By Blue Magic


Our Deluxe professional waterbed hose kit has the perfect set of tools needed to fill up and drain down your liquid-filled mattress. This isn’t your basic fill and drain kit that fails to do its job and leaves you in the lurch. When it comes to getting water transferred from your indoor faucet at the sink to your bedroom where your hard side or softside waterbed is set up the Deluxe Professional Waterbed Hose Kit will help you get the job done. This kit can get the water out or fill it back up when you have the need.


This is the very same thing we professionals use. Your new kit includes some very important care items to keep up with proper maintenance after your bed is full. Using your old garden hose can be one of the biggest mistakes do it yourselfers experience. Why? Because using a clean dedicated hose keeps us from flushing old water and bacterial growth into you waterbed bladder. Even worse the bacteria can lead to a mattress that smells or becomes ruined once that smell permeates the pours of the vinyl. See everything this system includes below.



Don’t chance using that old dirty hose you have stored out in the yard or hanging in the garage. They’re dirty, often kinky and leaky, and flush bad water and bacteria that can grow into your mattress. Be sure you own a clean dedicated hose that will not only keep the inside of your house clean but also keep the water mattress fresh and free of contaminated substances. Do NOT push old stagnate water and bacteria into your water mattress. It can start to smell and eventually ruin your expensive waterbed bladder. Use our deluxe professional waterbed hose kit by Blue Magic.


Here Is What You Really Need To Fill And Drain Any Size Waterbed




  • 25 ft. hose – Dedicated to protecting your investment.
  • 8 once Multi-Purpose Plus Waterbed conditioner – Biocide to stop bacterial growth, smelly water, and condition vinyl from the inside of your mattress
  • 8 once Multi-Purpose Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant – Exterior cleaner and conditioner to keep vinyl soft, supple, and clean
  • Super Pump – The best mechanical pump for draining waterbeds of all kinds including free flowing and fiber-filled mattresses. Vacuum it flat using water pressure. Replace your plug to maintain vacuum and move it without bunching up the white fiber and foam filling.
  • Super Burper – Extract noisy air without making a mess
  • Perfect Union – Connects hose to bed without leaking both during the drain and filling process with an air-tight connection. Includes O Ring Washer.
  • Faucet Adaptor – Let’s you connect your faucet to the bed with a garden hose, because who wants to use buckets and a funnel?
  • Single Shut-Off Valve – Control your fill with a handy shut-off valve.
  • Complete instructions

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