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Dude, the magic’s back and your new free flow mattress is the time tunnel! It’s time to relive that feel and let us blow your mind by transporting it back to the 1970’s, when you were living care free, and in your 20″s.


This groovy mattress revolutionized the entire sleep industry. The Sanctuary SGL Free Flow is your the ticket to the water ride of your life, and to experience deep restorative sleep. This wavy gravy mattress is what started it all and grew from a hippie fad to the cultural icon that changed the way of thinking for nearly very mattress designed and built today.


Dare to dream and step back in time? Don’t just dream about it. Go ahead and live that dream on the most unique feeling mattresses ever made!

Price Includes:


Sanctuary Free Flow Waterbed Mattress From Innomax


It has a unique design that allows the water to move freely and unrestrained by baffles or fiber for a natural fluid feel.  Once a mattress that was simply placed on the floor as a novelty item and progressed into a temperature controlled, pressure relieving relaxation station of sleep. It came out at a time when physician told patient the firmer a mattress the better it is for you. In fact, they even told you to shove a board under your mattress that it actually made it better for you. The free flow mattress changed this line of thinking and changed how all mattresses would be sold forever. Big mattress companies who had always pushed rock hard firm mattresses began designing softer surfaced beds that were actually comfortable. We learned that softer mattresses could conform and even support better all while relieving painful pressure points that interrupted sleep because of tossing and turning. This ” far out movey mattress” is distributed by Innomax out of Denver Colorado.


Hardside waterbeds have a durable wood side frame completely surrounding them, this is how you can recognize you have a hardside waterbed. Additionally they have many other replaceable parts to them, one of the most crucial is the mattress you sleep on. The water mattress you are currently viewing  is typically in stock and made to fit old school waterbeds that have the wood frame around them as described. Sizes and measurements are listed below. The waterbed bladder is the heart of any hardside waterbed and the part that you lie down on. It also supports and suspends you throughout the night. Once you have chose your new mattress, do not forget to inspect your safety line. It cannot have holes in it or be broke down along the sides or end.  It is crucial safety net  should you every have a mattress failure. It can contain leakage and prevent water from escaping the bed frame cavity. Additionally while your bed is drained consider replacing the heater as they generally have a life span of 7-8 years. Once you have filled your new mattress, be sure to add the waterbed conditioner to protect vinyl and stop odor. It is at this point you can burp your new mattress to keep it comfy and quiet. Then simply replace your plug and cap and begin to enjoy your new Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress.


Want to modernize the feel, control the motion in the ocean and increase support? 


Shop our entire selection of motionless waterbed mattresses now or learn more about this free flow mattress by scrolling down.


3 Sizes To Choose From

Fits inside of a wood frame waterbed that measures:


48 x 84 Super Single Hardside

60 x 84 California Queen| Queen Hardside

72 x 84 California King | King  Hardside


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Product Features

Mattress Highlights

  • Easy to install
  • Installation Instructions
  • Drain old water mattress completely and remove
  • Inspect the liner for damage and be sure there are no holes in it. Make certain that the safety liner is not falling down and is not sagging in the corners.
  • Inspect heater for discoloration, damage, and age
  • Color may be different from photo without notice this will not affect feel or support
  • Don’t forget to add the safety liner and waterbed heater
  • Warranty 2/20. 2 year full 20 year prorated

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