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The Plush Top Softside Waterbed Top Deep Fill Mattress. Have you dreamed of a bed that could do it all?


Are waterbeds nothing more than long gone hippie fad?


Unlike waterbeds of the past, our modern Plush Top Softside Waterbed Top Deep Fill Mattress looks like a regular mattress, comes in all traditionally mattress sizes, and utilizes your existing bedroom furniture and bedding.


This offers more benefits than coil springs, memory foam, and natural latex rubber. In fact, unlike waterbeds of the past, they are easier to get in and out of each morning. They utilize smart eco-friendly design with replaceable parts, and they are very easy to assemble and care for. Oh, and all the regular mattress pads, sheets, and comforters fit as well. No more special waterbed sheets.

Price Includes:


Geneva Plush Top Softside Waterbed Deep Fill Mattress


Is there a sleep system that can do everything? We believe the answer is yes, it is the Geneva 8300 Plush Top Softside Waterbed Deep Fill Mattress. Are an extraordinary night of support, comfort, and deep sleep too much to ask for? We don’t think so, and in fact, this unique sleeping surface may be as close as a person can get to a mattress that can do it all. Created for you, this dreamy sleeping surface is like nothing else you will ever find, plus its modular design is easy on the environment.


This 100% completely customizable floatation bed offers sleeper’s the experience of complete muscle relaxation through unmatched pressure relief.  It also includes regulated temperature control to warm or cool your sleep environment. A person can regulate the temperature of their home or car, why shouldn’t they be able to control their mattress temperature as well? With the simple touch of an easy-to-use digital readout control, simply choose your favorite temperature setting or opt-in for optional individual temperature controls for each sleeper.



Upgradeable Interchangeable Luxury Plush Cushion Layer

When it’s time to replace or upgrade your mattress cover, you can choose from 4 different cover options: Stretch knit, plush comfort, standard pillow top, or deluxe euro top.


  1. 8300-127 Stretch Knit Top Geneva Softside Waterbed Top
  2. 8300-167 Plush Top Geneva Softside Waterbed Top 
  3. 8400-247 Pillow Top Geneva Softside Waterbed Top
  4. 8500-167 Deluxe Euro Pillow Top Geneva Softside Waterbed Top

The “top panel” is the bed surface and is upgradable or downgrade to help improve the contouring comfort of your Sterling Softside Waterbed: The comfort layer can be easily removed and reattached for easy moving, replacement, or to simply change the surface feel in just a couple seconds. This top mattress cover panel adds an inviting feel that is unlike traditional wood-framed waterbeds with vinyl mattresses.


This comfort encasement creates space between the body and the mattress surface to add comfort and breathability without changing or affecting the level of support from the mattress. Additionally, a luxurious quilted top is also a great way to reduce the wave movement slightly of your softside waterbed in an instant.


Extend the life of your waterbed indefinitely with replaceable parts. Every part and piece of this bed can be replaced should it wear out or upgraded and changed if you so choose. Example: It includes a top panel that can be zipped on, replaced, and upgraded, in just seconds. It unzips like your jacket and separates the top panel from the bottom panel. Think of it as a bucket with a lid that zips on.


The side rails come as a set and the end rails come as a set. Should your sides lose their original shape, wear down, or be lost in a move one set of rails can be replaced. NOTE: Many companies only sell 1 piece side end and end rail tubs. If 1 side or end rail goes bad, the entire one-piece tub will have to be replaced at a greater cost.


Earth Friendly Design Water Mattress


Wave Reducing. We Offer 4 Different Bladders To Choose From


A softside water mattress can conform naturally to your body’s curves, to help minimize painful pressure points for increased blood flow (circulation) that cause tossing and turning and disturb sleep.


Choose from a wide variety of mattresses that can increase support, reduce wave movement, disturbance from one person to the other, and increase comfort.


NOTE: Additionally, you can dampen wave movement with a thicker more luxurious zip-on topper panel. The second rating below is the approximate amount of time it takes the water movement to settle and stop. The best part is you can upgrade or replace just the mattress/ bladder for the best deep sleep and restorative healing without buying a whole new bed.


1. ER 600 0 Second Firm Ultra Waveless- Perfect for those looking for a waterbed with no motion to disturb their partner and the firmest waterbed mattress offered. 1 piece mattress.
2. ER 600 Dual Mattress 0 Second Firm Ultra Waveless- Perfect for those looking for a waterbed with no motion to disturb their partner and the firmest waterbed mattress offered. 2 mattresses for better motion isolation and individual temperature control. Price includes 2nd heater.
3. ER9254 2-3 Second Soft Waveless- Ideal for those definitely not wanting a free flow but can tolerate just a small amount of motion.
4. ER9250 Free Flow- (No Wave Control. The water is free flowing) The old-fashioned wavy gravy 1970’s wavy mattress.


Available Optional Items:


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Bladder Upgrade

ER600 (0 Second Ultra Waveless), ER600 Dual (0 Second Ultra Waveless), ER9254 (1-2 Second Waveless), Standard Free Flow

Foundations Options

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Frame Options

7.5 Inch Waterbed Frame, No Frame


Product Features


Our Simple Plush Top Softside Waterbed Deep Fill Mattress Design Includes


  • Zippered Encasement: Removable Top panel and Bottom bucket. Easy to zip on or easy to zip off.
  • Super Heavy-Duty Zipper: Made from molded plastic, while it takes more time, precisely sewing each corner and having a precise number of teeth allows for easy removal or replacement of the top mattress panel without the need to drain the water out of your bed. Other brands save money with cheap smaller toothed zippers that are quickly sewn on. Their top panel is NOT removable and the bed must be drained to change or replace.
  • 8” Deep Fill Design: Best simulates that old wood frame waterbed feels and support. Won’t bottom out when you are sleeping like 6” and 4” deep versions.
  • Comfort Perimeter: Includes 4 Heavy Duty Foam Side Rails and End Rails. The Sterling 8″ Softside Foam Rails have a slanted design to decrease outward wall pressure from the water while maintaining a comfortable seating edge.  The head and foot rails are connected to each other by fabric, as are the left and right rails. They include a 2-stage layered design. Top foam has 1.8 density and is softer for an easy transition in and out of the bed. The 2.0 super high-density transition foam supports you as you transition. You won’t feel like you are climbing over an old wood frame like waterbeds from the past.
  • Wrapped Side And End Rails: Heavy-duty fabric connects the side rails. Simply unroll them and put them into place. Do the same with the end rails. The weight of the water helps hold the rails in position and keeps them from losing their shape and bowing with use and age.
  • Sloped Inner Wall Design: This design will increase sleeping space, after all, additional sleeping space leads to greater comfort. The side and end rails that make up the waterbed cavity are sloped like a hillside. This increases overall sleeping space, giving both sleepers more room than thicker vertical wall designs. Additionally, by sloping the wall like the back side of a dam, it helps disperse the weight of the water pressure that pushes outward and makes most vertical walled soft sides start looking like an old whisky barrel in shape over time.
  • Energy Efficient Low Watt Softside Waterbed Heater: We only use a solid-state waterbed control unit. Our heating system focuses on the details. Our large heating pad is extremely safe and includes overheat protection and is very reliable. No other waterbed heater lasts longer. Easy to read digital control for day or night. Easy to operate and install. See full instructions for care and operation instructions. It is recommended these days to put a heater in the bed. Dual systems should have 2 heaters. One for each bladder and individual temperature control.
  1. Prevents condensation, mold, and mildew.
  2. Keeps vinyl warm and pliable so vinyl does not get stiff and cold crack after time.
  3. Maintains comfortable healthy sleeping temperatures.
  • Fitted Safety Liner: 8mil thick vinyl. Fits perfectly with deep fill softside waterbeds measuring 8 inches deep. This is designed to hold the contents of a leak in the improbable instance you should ever have a leak.
  • Waterbed Fill And Drain Kit: Includes all the necessary tools to not only fill your water mattress but also to drain it down, completely. The pieces that are included allow you to connect your new clean garden hose to the closest sink available. You can do this using included faucet adapter. Fits most male and female faucets.  Connect the hose to the Venturi Fill / Drain Adapter. Run a hose to the bed and connect the Perfect Union Mattress Adapter to the mattress fill valve.  The Fill and Drain Kit includes the “Venturi Pump” and is water powered for easy and complete draining. No electricity is required.
  • Conditioner: Specially formulated for all types of waterbed mattresses. All-purpose waterbed conditioner when added annually starts working to condition all facets of your waterbed mattress. Water, vinyl mattress interior, foam, and fiber for up to 1 full year.
  • Eco Friendly For Future Generations: We have built this product to help reduce the overall impact of our modernized growing world on human health and the natural environment. We have done this by designing a complete mattress built of individual components that can be replaced. through: Eliminating the need to buy a more expensive complete mattress set.
  • Shipping: Softside waterbeds qualify for curbside fast free shipping!
  • Warranty- 20 years. Limited

Optional Box Foundation

Quick Assemble Super Heavy Duty Foundation High Profile 8.25″ Springless Box Spring: Both King & Queen are split into two halves for additional strength, stability & convenience when moving.


Available Foundation Sizes


Twin: Includes one piece. 38 inches Wide x 75 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.

Full: Includes one piece. 53 inches Wide x 75 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.

Queen: Includes one piece. 60 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.

Eastern King: Includes two pieces for added strength and mobility. Each is 38 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.

California King: Includes two pieces for added strength and mobility. Each is 36 inches Wide x 84 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.


Available Mattress Sizes


Twin: 38 inches Wide x 75 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 9.5 inches thick.

Full: 53 inches  Wide x 75 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 9.5 inches thick.

Queen: 60 inches Wide x 80 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 9.5 inches thick.

Eastern King: 76 inches  Wide x 80 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 9.5 inches thick.

California King: 72 inches  Wide x 84 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 9.5 inches thick.


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