Can I Use A Waterbed On My Current Bed Frame

Waterbeds Are Making a Huge Comeback!

December 27, 2014
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Don’t cut that pony tail or throw away your tie-dyed shirt and bell bottomed jeans just yet. As many already know, the old wood framed waterbeds are an endangered species but their sister – the softside waterbed – is the modern day big brother that is sticking up for  his sibling and saving the old 1970’s fad.

The waterbed is revived, new and refreshing and is as easy to own as a regular mattress and box spring. Owners who previously got rid of the old hippie fad wood frame waterbeds years ago, are finding their way back with the modern styling of a softsided waterbed mattress and here is why.

  1. Looks just like a regular mattress and boxspring set.
  2. Owners say that nothing sleeps as good or like their old waterbed. That’s because nothing minimizes painful pressure points on the body and reduces tossing and turning better than waterbeds, not even memory foam or airbeds.
  3. Moving them is easy because they do not require over 50 wood screws, the skill of a carpenter to assemble, and a couple of frustrating hours to assemble.
  4. Making and dressing the new waterbeds is as easy as traditional mattresses.
  5. Bedding such as conventional twin, full, queen, and king sheets, mattress pads, bed skirts, and bedspreads. All of which can be found at your local department store and don’t cost extra.
  6. Getting in and out of soft sides is easy. No more climbing over a 2 X 10 wood frame. Cushy but durable foam parameters make up the sides of these beds.
  7. Setting softside waterbeds up and taking them down is very simple and nearly anyone can do it.
  8. They easily adapt to preexisting conventional bedroom furniture and most anything found in your local furniture store.
  9. Extremely reasonable prices especially when compared to the ordinary mattress and box springs, which usually cost more and give you less.
  10. Adjustable temperature control. Warm in the winter to help keep the body’s muscles and joints loose and cool in the summer to relax the body to sleep.
  11. Additionally softsided waterbed heaters use very little energy making them efficient. This is done through lower watt solid state heaters and well-insulated tops that keep the mattress temperatures steady throughout the changing seasons.
  12. Dual comfort mattress bladders are available allowing each person to set the bed to their desired temperature. Dual water mattresses also decrease motion disturbance from one person to the other.
  13. Wide variety of water mattress choices. Many people are unaware that the same choices of bladders such as free flow, semi waveless, waveless, ultra waveless and super waveless are not only available for hardsides but also soft side water beds.
  14. Well protected from punctures or popping because the waterbed bladder is sheltered and secluded by a durable padded cover that just about makes it puncture proof but also enhances the comfort and feel. Don’t forget that the zippered tops will help protect the waterbed bladders from cats, dogs, body oils, dirt, and carelessness.
  15. Most zippered softside tops can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  16. Virtually maintenance free compared to regular mattresses, which must be turned frequently and even flipped over to avoid uncomfortable body impressions.
  17. Weigh 30 to 60 % less than traditional hardside waterbeds.
  18. Renters can fool the landlord into thinking it is a regular mattress. J
  19. Softside waterbeds hold up better for heavier people than traditional mattress and box springs and bad parts can easily be replaced.

Softside waterbeds give you a great modern look, healthy benefits, & unmatched comfort of sleeping on water. Have you made the change or thought about it?