Luxury Support Reduced Motion Hardside Waterbed Mattress



You have to be comfortable in what your sleeping in.


Whether you’re buying a new mattress for your old waterbed or buying a whole new waterbed, you will only be feeling “good vibes” in this throwback sleep system. Perfect for those who want to experience a waterbed, but down want a wavy gravy, 1970’s free flow mattress. This Luxury Support, Reduced Motion Waterbed Mattress is two solid steps (upgrades) up in wave control and settles down in about 8 seconds.

Price Includes:


Compare This To Other Semi-Waveless Mattresses


Anyone that has ever slept on a free flow can tell you this feels great and feels like it is several steps above cheap knock offs. Unmatched comfort, support, and feel at a price that is very affordable. Make this sleep system your nightly sanctuary and you will see and feel the difference. This is no old school wavy bag of water free-flowing sea sick mattress, but not so controlled that you forget you own a waterbed.


Take a closer look and compare it side by side to other semi-waveless and even some waveless mattresses. The first thing you will notice is that your new sleep system won’t move as much.  This mattress offers significantly more total and mid-body support, while still giving sleepers that wave move movement that they love. This wave motion stops in just under 8 seconds which is significantly faster than its free-flowing counterpart.



Hardside waterbeds have a durable wood side frame completely surrounding them, this is how you can recognize you have a hardside waterbed. Additionally they have many other replaceable parts to them, one of the most crucial is the mattress you sleep on. The water mattress you are currently viewing  is typically in stock and made to fit old school waterbeds that have the wood frame around them as described. Sizes and measurements are listed below. The waterbed bladder is the heart of any hardside waterbed and the part that you lie down on. It also supports and suspends you throughout the night. Once you have chose your new mattress, do not forget to inspect your safety line. It cannot have holes in it or be broke down along the sides or end.  It is crucial safety net  should you every have a mattress failure. It can contain leakage and prevent water from escaping the bed frame cavity. Additionally while your bed is drained consider replacing the heater as they generally have a life span of 7-8 years. Once you have filled your new mattress, be sure to add the waterbed conditioner to protect vinyl and stop odor. It is at this point you can burp your new mattress to keep it comfy and quiet. Then simply replace your plug and cap and begin to enjoy your new Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress.


NOTE: If you are purchasing this mattress with a complete hardside bed, a discount will apply.

The Innomax Luxury Support LS 2300 Comfort System water bed mattress is considered a 65% Semi Waveless mattress and wave movement stops in just about 7- 8 seconds.

Available in 3 great sizes

Fits Super Single; Wood Frame Waterbeds & Measures 48 x 84

Fits Queen | California Queen: Wood Frame Waterbeds & Measures 60 x 84

Fits King | California King; Wood Frame Waterbeds & Measures 72 x 84

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 7 × 35 in

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Product Features

Luxury Support 2300. The Important Details


  • Built from the best 22 mil virgin vinyl available.
  • Four-Way Vacuum Formed Top Support: It’s like no other mattress surface. The dynamic molded top really allows the surface to flex with you throughout the night. This is thanks to a four-way radial support stretch surface that can form your body’s needs from any direction for maximum pressure relief.
  • Lots of extra vinyl top to nearly stopping the disruptions from movement by each other. No other sleeping surface is made like it.
  • Triple Zone support from noes to toes. It works in combination with Innomax’s Hydro Lift Support Fiber for the years of long-lasting support.
  • Durable four-way hook & eyelet tethering eliminates resin bonded fiber shifting while sleeping.
  • Resin-bonded non-woven polyester fiber: Two full-body supporting layers.
  • Resin-bonded non-woven polyester fiber: 3 additional supporting layers not found in some mattresses. Made to help the mid-body region.
  • Our Hydro Lift floating fiber system puts no stress on the vinyl from tethering the fiber to the corners increasing mattress life while maintaining entire body support.
  • Heavy-duty Tri Guard Sure-Grip Seamless reinforced corners prevent corner wear and provide a perfect sheet grip.
  • Guaranteed with a factory-backed 5 year non prorated warranty from Innomax.
  • Get it out of there! Loud, uncomfortable, annoying air that is. Do it while you’re are filling up your water mattress. We make it easy with the EEEzy Burp Air Release Valve.
  • Clear Fill Valve that pulls out and inverts like a beach ball valve for easy maintenance.
  • Hi-Tremelititate Black Vinyl Bottom where resistance to high temperature is required for more conductive performance and efficiency.
  • Recessed finished construction immobilizes the seams and reduces stress for longer life.
  • Buoyancy keeps your Body In Balance Within A Fluid Environment.
  • Best construction: Built for you with our best flex vinyl. It utilizes Plasticizers of the highest grade to keep the material supple, flexible, resulting in one of the longest-lasting mattresses made.
  • Designed and Manufactured by InnoMax® U.S.A 1975.

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