Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress


The Genesis 900 DXF is our very best flotation support system. The wave motion rating for this top-of-the-line mattress is measured to be 0 seconds of movement. This means it stops moving instantly and offers the most support of any water mattress in our lineup.


We consider this mattress to be our firmest, especially when compared to any other waterbed mattress. The Genesis 900 DXF is considered a 100% Ultra waveless mattress with extra support where we need it most… Our Middle Body!



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Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress. The motion rating for our top-of-the-line waterbed mattress is measured to be a 0-second firm and is considered a 100% Ultra waveless mattress.


It has a firm but a flexible molded sleeping surface that when filled correctly allows both sleepers to lay into the water, not on a tight taught sleeping surface that can create painful pressure points.


This is our very best water bed mattress design to fit the wood-sided hard framed waterbed. Innomax builds the Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress as the most luxurious flotation comfort, the most reduced amount of movement, and the maximum amount of support to be found in a liquid support system. It is often described as feeling like you are laying into a wet sponge giving it the nickname “The Sponge Bed” Bad back? If this mattress doesn’t at least offer some level of pain relief, it is probably time to see your physician.


Mattress Construction Information


  • Made from the finest 24 mil virgin vinyl
  • Aqua Marine Vinyl
  • Molded Conch Shell Design Top
  • 12 layers of non-woven resin-bonded, partial recycled polyester fiber
  • A floating fiber system designed to support the entire body from head to toe
  • Our floating fiber system puts no stress on the vinyl from tethering the fiber to the corners increasing mattress life
  • Heavy-duty reinforced corners prevent corner wear and provide a perfect sheet grip
  • Special lumbar support added for full Mid-Body Support
  • 5-year non prorated manufacturers warranty
  • Phase II Air Release Valve


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