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If you build houses or work on cars for a living, you need the proper tools to get the job done right and to do it fast. It’s not different with your flotation waterbed. Perhaps the most under rated part of owning a softside or hardside waterbed is the care and draining of the bed. The Drain Hero comes to the rescue with all the parts needed to fill up, drain down, and properly care and maintain for your waterbed.


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  1. Venturi Siphon Pump: This handy dandy little gadget can drain/pump 200 gallons per hour. No electricity needed.
  2. 8 oz. Multi-Purpose Conditioner: The formulation is specially made and includes time released protection for all types of water mattresses including foam, baffled, and the most common fiber.
  3. Air Extractor: By pumping out irritating noisy air bubbles, you can instantly feel the difference in support, comfort, and most notably a quiet night’s sleep.
  4. Electric Waterbed Pump, High Capacity: The easiest technique to drain your hardside or softside waterbed fast and complete. This high powered electric unit is a self priming, hassle free waterbed pump that will not only save you time, but more importantly drain the water mattress to a near dry condition. When the mattress is vacuumed down completely, the waveless internal system is securely held in place keeping it lightweight and easy to store and use. This safe system can also be used for draining spas, hot tubs, boats, fountains, aquariums, and wet basements!
  5. 8 oz. Vinyl Cleaner: Made specifically for waterbeds, this cleaner and protectant is non-abrasive. By removing dust, dirt, and some stains, Blue Magic Vinyl Cleaner is the perfect treatment for all kinds of vinyl and plastic surfaces. Removes dust, dirt and most types of stains.
  6. 3 ft. Connection Hose: Made specifically to connect your waterbed to your pump. It is strong, durable, and flexible.
  7. 25 ft. Connection Hose: A dedicated clean hose, free from bacteria found in outside hoses that can cause waterbeds to smell. Uses include connecting from your pump to your point of draining and most faucets for filling. This linkage system is far reaching, strong, durable and flexible to reach most faucets.
  8. Metal Faucet Adaptor: The Faucet Adaptor is “New & Improved”, not plastic. It ensures a tight, proper, and secure connection with your faucet and hose. The metal one piece design is durable and secure unlike plastic versions that blow off, strip, and cross thread very easy.
  9. Perfect Union: This mattress adaptor removes the possibility of water spillage during draining by securely connecting the male hose connection to the mattress. This is extremely important, especially when securing free floating baffled inserts that must be vacuum packed to move without worry of baffle shifting or bunching up.
  10. Ease of Use: Water flow can be controlled between your sink and waterbed so the water can be turned on or off with ease.
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