8 oz Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner



8 oz Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner is a versatile solution suitable for all types of waterbeds, including fiber-filled, free flow, and hydraulic chamber waterbed bladders. Specifically formulated, it is designed to treat the spun polyester fiber responsible for controlling wave motion and providing added support.


This highly concentrated formula is tailor-made for this application, ensuring effective treatment of both the water and vinyl components for a duration of up to a full year.

Additionally, we provide Free Shipping and Handling for added convenience. For more information on why you should consider adding this conditioner and its benefits, please refer to the details below on this page.

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8 oz. Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner

Our 8 oz. Blue Magic Multi-Purpose Waterbed Conditioner is available in either one or three large bottles. Each 8 oz. bottle of this versatile conditioner is designed to treat the water inside your bed, and when used with a fiber-filled waterbed bladder or a free flow, it provides protection and maintenance for 10-12 months per bottle. When it comes to safeguarding your mattress investment, trust the Blue Magic brand.


Waterbed Treatment Tips:

Blue Magic Conditioner is intended as a preventive measure for your waterbed. If your mattress already has an odor issue, it should not be used on its own to address the problem. In such cases, it is advisable to employ a waterbed shock treatment, following the provided directions exactly. Shock treatment is not guaranteed to solve the problem.


Here is an article we would like to share called What To Do When Your Waterbed Smells Bad and How to Prevent it


Regular Maintenance Tip:

While adding a waterbed conditioner to your waterbed and burping out the air make sure your safety liner is clean and free of dirt and debris to prevent punctures. Look to make sure your liner does not have tears or holes in it and that it is standing up. A leaky mattress could allow water to escape the waterbed frame.


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