8 oz Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner



8 oz Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner is perfect for all types of waterbeds, including fiber-filled, free flow, and hydraulic chamber waterbed bladders. It is specially formulated to treat the spun polyester fiber that controls wave motion and adds extra support.


The formula is highly concentrated specifically for this application and will treat the water and vinyl for up to 1 full year. If you do not need the concentrated dosage you can use our 8oz Waterbed Conditioner. Blue Magic® was once found on all Wal Mart store shelves and thanks to Blue Magic it can still be found on ours. Don’t forget that we offer Free Shipping and Handling. Learn more about why you should add it, and what it does below on this page.

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8 oz Blue Magic Multi Purpose Waterbed Conditioner

This large bottle of waterbed conditioner is our 8 oz Blue Magic multi purpose waterbed conditioner that will treat the water inside your bed for 10-12 months if you own a fiber-filled waterbed bladder or a free flow. Blue Magic is the brand that you can trust to protect your mattress investment.


Waterbed Treatment Tips:

Blue Magic Conditioner is a preventative treatment for your bed. It should not be used alone for a mattress that is already smelling. In that case, a waterbed shock treatment should be used and the directions should be followed precisely.

Here is an article we would like to share called What To Do When Your Waterbed Smells Bad and How to Prevent it


Regular Maintenance Tip:

While adding a waterbed conditioner to your waterbed and burping out the air make sure your safety liner is clean and free of dirt and debris to prevent punctures. Look to make sure your liner does not have tears or holes in it and that it is standing up. A leaky mattress could allow water to escape the waterbed frame.


Contact STL Beds today if you have any questions about hardside waterbeds or softside waterbeds. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any general bed, mattress, or waterbed questions. We are always here to help you through chat, our contact form, or if you call us.


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