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Waterbed Patch Repair Kit By Boxer Adhesives


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Contrary to belief, all is not lost. You may not have to buy a new waterbed mattress. In many cases, you can easily and quickly repair waterbed leaks using the Boxer Adhesives heavy-duty vinyl patch.  Simply trim the vinyl to fit the hole and apply the vinyl cement.

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Waterbed Patch Repair Kit

Cut out the patch larger than the damaged area and round the corners. If you do not the corners have a tendency to catch on the mattress pad, sheets, and bedding, etc. causing the patch to pull loose. Clean the damaged area. Apply adhesive to one side of the patch and on the area where the hole is located on the mattress. Wait for a few moments till the glue becomes tacky and hazy colored. At this point immediately place the patch over the damaged area and press out air bubbles.


Pinholes and punctures can be sealed without patches by applying a drop of adhesive over the damaged area and allowing it to dry however it is best to use a patch. After all, is dry to apply a bead of glue around the entire perimeter of the patch and let dry completely. This will assure the edges are completely sealed. Finally, one side note if your waterbed bladder were to fail, got punctured, or open on a seam somewhere it is important to think ahead before you fill your mattress back up, be sure to purchase a new safety liner.


Not Sure If You The Mattress Can Be Fixed?

When is it OK to Repair my Waterbed Bladder with a Patch Kit?


Is Your Waterbed Mattress Beyond Repair?

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WARNING: Do not attempt to repair seams. Water leaks coming from corners, bottom seams, and side seams are electronically sealed from the factory seams are not glued. The glue will NOT hold them together. Again seams are not repairable with this repair kit.


Vinyl Waterbed & Air Mattress Repair Kit. Other uses:

  • Beach Ball
  • Vinyl Air Rafts
  • Umbrella
  • Water Bed
  • Plastic Upholstery in House or Car
  • Shower Curtains
  • Pool Covers
  • Inflatable Toys

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