Waterbed Hardware Pack



STL Beds Waterbed Hardware Pack


Our waterbed hardware pack is everything you need to assemble your hard side waterbed frame. The complete hardware package includes all the metal brackets and self-tapping wood screws needed to assemble your hard side waterbed.


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  • 4 Larger Corner Brackets
  • 4 Smaller L Brackets
  • Plenty of long 1¼” screws
  • Plenty of ½” screws

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Waterbed Hardware Pack


Installation Tips:


This waterbed hardware pack is necessary to connect your wood side frames together. The bigger brackets are specially designed with large slots to avoid knots or old holes in the wood. If you must use the slotted holes use opposing slots so the bracket cannot slip out of place or come loose. The corner bracket also includes closed-in holes that secure it into place firmly and can also be used with one of the closed-in holes.


Heavy-duty L Brackets are included which fasten into the inside of your wood waterbed frame. Make sure the screws are not longer than the thickness of your side frame or else they will break through the finish when screwed into place.

If you are concerned about making the sides of your waterbed stronger and more secure we can supply extra screws and brackets with your hardware package. Please call us for help with this. This is perfect for people of size.


Contact us for complete installation instructions and specifics and for other products that might help you with both waterbeds and regular mattresses. For example, you might need a slat pack substitute for beds or full bolt-on side bed rails.


Contact STL Beds today by using our contact page or giving us a call.

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