Slat Pack Substitute For Beds

Slat Pack Substitute For Beds

Mattress slat packs loosing popularity?

It is vital to mattress durability, it is the key to perfect support, and without it beds and their side rails can fail. We’re talking about bed slat packs and they are often used on low profile sleek platform beds and have been all the rage in recent years at big retail giants like Wayfair, Ikea, and Amazon . Most platform beds eliminate the boxspring which is replaced with closely spaced wood strips connected with fabric or steel strips or small metal ribs called slats. Bigger beds like queens and kings that have wider spans require additional bracing. The builders of these unique surfaces add a leg or multiple legs to prevent sagging in the middle of the bed. Most mattresses have replaced flexible boxsprings with rigid foundations a topic we cover in What is a Boxspring and What Does it Really Do? More and more owners are starting to realize that these typical low cost beds lack structural integrity and weaken quickly because of their inability to hold weight over time. The solution is Glideaway’s free standing Space Saver Bed Base or a Forever Foundation.

Why people are replacing slat packs ?

Without a good firm flat surface for a mattress to lay on nearly all brands and models are vulnerable to accelerated failure. The days of a flexible yielding surface like a boxspring that gives under pressure have become nearly nonexistent. In most cases they have been substituted for non-giving foundations, and in the case of platform beds and similar situations where foundations are too tall and not needed, slat packages are used instead. Due to poor over construction and the demand to support more weight  bundled slat packages are being replaced with newer more modern support systems like stand alone. Support systems like the Space Saver Bed Base and the Forever Foundation which are strong enough to 1000 pounds plus and offer perfect mattress support in addition to being free standing.

What can be used to replace bundled slat packages?

Most slat packs are include bendable, springy wooden strips and some even have an arc. The arched design is flexible and doesn’t allow the mattress to lay on a rigid flat surface as required by most bedding makers.  Since many slat packs do not meet mattresses manufacturers specification it has left a need for better, stronger, longer lasting support in order to do away with old fashioned box springs, steel frames and even some slat systems. Quality substitutes can stand alone using their own legs and include a very stable steel grid network or closely spaced metal slats to provide sleepers with a reliable sleeping surface to rest their current mattress upon. Most systems can hold in excess of 2000 pounds which is far beyond what most beds will have to support. Finally costs can range from $65.00 in twin for basic models up to $460.00 in top of the line deluxe king size models which provides good value for any budget.

Who sells these standalone type frame bases?

Forever Foundations © offers a versatile design that has a few selections of legs that will work with a variety of different platform beds.  Total bed heights can be 10″,13″,16″ and 18” Another company that offers  free standing support without use of a boxspring and frame is Glideaway and their Space Saver Bed Base which is currently offered in one design height 14” which is one reason they are able to save consumers money. Both systems sit inside of the existing surrounding metal or wood frame bed frames which are independent of one another. Wood or metal bed slats must be removed to make way for whichever stand-alone brand you choose. The kinds of bed bases act as a self-supporting foundation for the mattress by standing independently and by themselves. This type of system is ideal for older fragile beds like four posters, rice beds, and grandma’s old antique bed.