What’s the Best Mattress for a Heavy Person?

“Why do sales people never address my size or how the mattress will or won’t hold up under it?”

I do believe one needs to be sensitive when helping heavier people choose a mattress yet the salesperson should be direct and honest on the topic. The truth is mattresses and heavier people don’t mix and the fact that mattresses are not built the way they were years ago makes it even more important to address the problem of above average weight and mattress wear. Not doing so is what gets sales people and consumers in trouble. To not address the subject of a person’s size and the direct result of their size and poor mattress quality is a combination for mattress failure.  Sales people need to step up when selling beds to people that weight 250, 350 or more and not sweep the issues under the rug. The fact is the matter will only come back to haunt both the sales person and the consumer in the form of a return due to mattress failure.

scaleConsumers and sales people need to take note that the typical mattress is designed for the average 180lb person and that there might be a problem if customers’ body weight exceeds that amount. Some people suggest making the mattresses firmer. If we were to beef up the mattress up for a 300lbs individual then the 180lb person couldn’t sleep on it. The truth is it would often be too hard, uncomfortable for the masses in addition to the added expense of building. People of size do not give up; there are a number of good solutions and choices out here and this 2 part blog will address most of them. We’ll make suggestions that cover a broad range of mattresses and the entire price spectrum while doing so.

“ I am over weight what kind of mattress should I not buy?”

First and foremost is our advice of what people of size should not buy. Stay away from fluffy overly cushioned pillow top and plush mattresses. These types of mattresses are notorious for body impressions and spending more will not guarantee that you’ll get a better quality mattress. They often contain uncompressed  low-density polyurethane foam and polyester fiber or contain other materials that perform poorly under normal average sized and average weight individuals.

“I can’t afford an expensive mattress what is a good alternative that will hold up for someone of size?”

If you are very concerned about cost then you may want consider an ultra firm mattress preferably with higher density materials and less fluffy uncompressed fibers and materials. An even better choice would be a 2-sided mattress that can be flipped over, although they often contain many of the same materials that cause failure one sided configurations. The idea is that a person has 50 percent more bed and more turning options which can prolong mattress life and value.

If you are bigger and really like a cushy soft mattress consider buying a top that can be replaced. Look for a good mattress for a cheap price and then think about adding to that purchase a quality 2” or 3” memory foam or latex rubber mattress topper. Place that on a decent firm one-sided mattress or the two sided model we just spoke of. A memory foam or latex topper is a good durable choice that can be added to your firm bed and replaced if you want to change the feel or it wears out. This can be done at a cost of $600 down  to $200 or even less if you don’t mind replacing more often.

Part 2  “What is the best mattress for a big person?”
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