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What Is So Different About These Beds With Numbers

September 30, 2022
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What Is A Smart Bed? 

So… What Is A Smart Bed And What Is Different About A Smart Bed? Simply put they are technologically advanced luxury air beds. Legal disputes over trademarking about who can call themselves the original “smart bed” can be read about here. But that isn’t what this article is about. Customers don’t care about all of that, they simply want to know what these beds are, and the fact is most people are shocked to learn they are air mattresses. The truth is though, they are much more than an old inflatable camping mattress. Air mattresses are a growing and very popular type of bed.

Unlike regular mattresses, they use a unique modular design that includes replaceable parts and pieces. It is constructed with a zippered mattress cover and shell that contains an adjustable air mattress chamber system. The single and Dual Air Control function is another feature that sets these unique mattresses apart from all other ordinary beds. A couple that disagrees about the firmness of their bed does not have to compromise their support, firmness, and most importantly their comfort.

How Do Smart Beds Work And What Are The Advantages?

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Variable Firmness For Comfort And Support

Adjustable Air beds are unique compared to ordinary mattresses. The firmness of regular mattresses cannot be changed automatically or manually which forces users to reposition their bodies to find comfort and support. On the other hand, numbered adjustable air beds offer users the choice of numerous hardness or softness tweaks that can help to provide optimal firmness and support throughout the entire night, sometimes automatically. Consider how theater seating has changed from ordinary seats to adjustable loungers.

Today theaters and their seating designs consider our elbow room, multi-positioning, and cushiness along with temperature to maximize our 2-hour plus movie experience.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have 6-9 hours of remote-controlled support, comfort, and sleep within your mattress? This just seems like a no-brainer.

She Likes It Soft, I Like It Hard

Do you both agree on every song on the radio? Probably not. Mattress firmness is rarely if ever agreed upon by couples. We can share a mattress, but not mattress firmness. Remember, every ice cream flavor isn’t delicious… You are very different from your sleeping partner. We each have unique sleeping preferences that are likely to be very different from each other. A mattress that allows you to customize firmness for each side of the bed is probably the best solution and may even save a marriage 😉

Remote Controls Are Not Just For TVs

Have you ever considered how much you would enjoy having your very own mattress made just the way you like it to feel? State-of-the-art dual or single remote controls are the methods to manage the bed firmness that you desire. Wired or wireless remote controls are usually offered as choices. Wired controls, while not as popular or as available do have advantages. i.e. no batteries needed and keep the remote attached to the bed where you can locate it when you need to, so it won’t get lost.

Adjustable remote control displays easy-to-read numbers, simply adjust the number to go higher or lower to make mattresses firmer, and softer just the way you like it. For beds that include two air chambers, each person has the unique ability to individually adjust the amount of air within their air chamber. Whatever feel you prefer, simply change it at the touch of a button.

One Mattress For More Sleepers

This is the only type of mattress that fits more body types and sleeping styles. These are not cookie-cutter-designed mattresses.

Back Sleepers

Our customer feedback from owners, including those who don’t typically sleep on their backs, find that adjustable firmness offers them more comfort than they had ordinarily ever experienced in coil spring mattresses. The combination of high-quality foam comfort layers helps to cradle and contour to a wider variety of body sizes including smaller and large framed sleepers. In the end, sleepers experience more relieving pressure and comfort due to a wider variety of firmness options. 

Stomach Sleepers

Variable firmness is usually an excellent choice for those in need of the hardest firmest support. With the touch of a button, firmer settings can instantly provide the additional support required that is usually not found within soft mattresses. Avoiding soft mattresses usually helps stomach sleepers to steer clear of lower back strain which is often associated with a lack of proper spinal alignment associated with mushy soft mattresses.

Guy Sleeping On Stomach.

Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper myself, I know that I prefer a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft. I prefer a nice balance of firmness that I really cannot seem to find in ordinary firmness mattresses. Adjustable firmness mattresses can allow the bony, protruding parts of our body that are typically heavier, like the hips and shoulders, to go down into the surface of the bed a bit while properly supporting the rest of our body in a comfy manner.

Smart Modular Design

Unique construction is the key to the numbered air bed style. Unlike other mattresses, each part may be effortlessly replaced. There are numerous reasons a new part might be needed, perhaps the most obvious is if it proves to be defective or worn out. Many of these modular bed designs are upgradable and degradable. This means you can simply make a change in the feel and support of the mattress by changing parts out like the top mattress panel.

Choose from firm, plush, pillow, and euro top designs. Additionally, during moves or storage type situations parts can be lost. These replacement parts are often easily replaced with a phone call to the dealer that sold them or the manufacturer that built them. Finally, why pay the big money to replace an entire old mattress when you can simply replace the worn comfort layer(s)? Saves money, time, and landfill space.

Mattress Topper, The Icing On The Cake Mattress

Comfort layers are found in every mattress, adjustable numbered air beds are no exception. Available in a wide range of mattress tops that include Firm, Plush, Pillow, and Eurotop designs. The feel of each varies and is removable via a single zipper. This zipper allows you access to the air chamber(s). The quality of the zipper varies so be alert. Some Euro / duvet-style mattress topper panels include inner upholstery layers that can be changed or replaced. These are the most luxurious and can be easily accessed by a second zipper located at the upper gusset.

Aside from these two models, all other mattresses have one zipper in which you can reach all the layers and the air chamber(s) at once.

Motion Isolation So You Don’t Disturb

Rock & Roll is a genre of music; it is not what you want a mattress to be doing when you’re trying to sleep. Motion transfer simply won’t be a problem with a dual mattress design. Whether getting up in the middle of the night, rolling over, or changing positions. Motion isolation can also be very helpful if sleepers are sharing a bed with pets or children.

Relieves Pressure Points

Smart Beds work with upholstered comfort layers and work as an integrated system like any other mattress. This is where changeability makes a difference giving you the ability to lessen painful pressure points by helping distribute your body weight in a more even manner across the entire mattress surface with the touch of a button.

Should I Use A Box Spring, Foundation, Or Adjustable Bed Base With My New Airbed?

It is important to check with the manufacturer to know what kind of base will work with a specific brand or model. The wrong choice could affect or even void the warranty. Most number-type adjustable air beds allow you the freedom to use a platform bed, foundation, or an adjustable bed base. They can typically all be used if they have solid ridged support. Flexible boxsprings are typically not recommended or used under airbeds due to their flexible surface that does not offer rigid support. Learn more about the split box spring.

What Kind Of Bedding Can I Use On A Smart Mattress?

Great news air beds are made in all the popular sizes. Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full, Queen, Split Queen, Split Head Queen, Split Head King, Eastern King, and California King. Simply purchase the corresponding size sheets, comforter, and mattress pad & protector. Make certain that the thickness of the bedding will fit the thickness of the mattress. Nothing else is required.

What Is Our Preferred Luxury Air Mattress Of Choice

As a purveyor of specialty sleep products, we carry some of the most unique and up-to-date sleep systems.  After years of searching and trial and error, we discovered the ultimate air bed, Perfect Comfort. We feel that this unique system simply checks off more important boxes than the popular Smart Bed. Our company invested.  An investment in ourselves and our customers who generally have little knowledge of the pros and cons of this type of sleep technology.

We hope you will agree and will consider Perfect Comfort built by the American Nation. A company that has built modular-type beds since 1972, not 1987. We hope we answered the question “What Is Different About A Smart Bed“.

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