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Mattresses That Adjust Offer Sleepers Better Comfort

July 22, 2013
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Here is a great overview of the various older and new mattresses that adjust and give a customized feel. These re-configurable beds offer sleepers better comfort and full body support throughout the night not found in one size fits all mattresses. Be sure that if one peaks your interest that you click the link for more details, information, and even pricing. Enjoy!


The waterbed often thought of as one of the ingredients defining the sexual revolution was and is more than an over grown sex toy. It reduces painful pressure points, has adjustable temperature control, and yes firmness is adjustable. While it is not as adjustable as some other types of beds small changes and the fill level of the mattress can create a new and unique feel that traditional mattresses just can’t. It is one of the only beds that allow the sleeper to regulate bed temperature on each side of the bed in dual firmness making it one of our favorite adjustable beds. They are available in 2 designs, a hard-side waterbed and the new modern soft-side version.


Made famous by Select Comfort Sleep Number® Beds revolutionizes and it is copied my many companies defines what an adjustable bed can do and is. They ask the question “What is your Sleep Number?” This question is a reference to the adjustable firmness that gives the couples the ability to individualize comfort on each side of the bed. It helps to resolve nightly bed related conflicts and disturbed sleep, excessive tossing and turning, snoring, and features adjustability on both sides of the bed. This was a bed that in Consumers Reports Magazines polled readers said “They would definitely buy it again”.

Bed Kits

What many people do not realize is that softsided waterbeds the ones that look like regular mattresses and boxsprings are actually considered the very first bed kit. Bed kits or assemble yourself beds are regular mattresses you can unzip giving way to the inside portion of the bed. Today instead of water we fill them with various types of coil springs, layers of foam or memory foam even latex rubber. Today’s hybrid combinations are becoming more and more popular offering sleepers customizable firmness options, individualized comfort on each side of the bed, even the ability to change out pieces for change of firmness or because a part or piece has worn out.

Adding a Mattress Topper

Why go out and buy a new mattress when you can adjust the feel of the one you already have? Most mattresses when you buy them, well they are what they are and there is no changing the way they feel. One of the great new accessories that changes all of that is the pillow top topper or mattress topper. They are available in most department stores, online, and stores like STL Beds. Bed toppers can be made up of many different ways. They can be built from memory foam, polyurethane foam, latex rubber, down, down and feather, wool and the list goes on and on. They range from very cheap to very expensive but can be a low cost way to get a completely different feel out of your old mattress set.

Dual Firmness Mattresses

Simmons Beautyrest to my knowledge was the first one that did this with any real level of success. Because of their unique pocketed coil design each side could use springs with different firmness and support offerings. When I sold it for a local company in St. Louis in the early 1990’s it sold fairly well considering nobody really knew about it. Dual firmness was and is a great idea and more and more mattress companies are copying this idea to cater to both sleepers offering firmness’s that are as unique as the person sleeping on the bed.

Adjustable Beds

Mattress that AdjustsOften called hospital beds they really are much much more. Today’s adjustable beds are safe, attractive, and work on virtually any bed something predecessors couldn’t do. Feature are abundant and  include things like wall away or wall hugger seating, zero gravity positioning, even a snore position claimed to reduce or eliminate snoring. Upper body massage, lower body massage, or full body massage will relax sleeper in way ordinary flat beds could not.

Hospital Beds

By definition hospital beds are adjustable beds however hospital beds usually are specifically designed for hospitalized patients built with a higher degree of strength and the whole bed raises and lowers not just the head and foot. See Adjustable beds above for the extra details.