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Putting a Conventional Mattress in a Waterbed

January 4, 2009
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With all of the mattresses that are being made, is there such thing as a Conventional Mattress that can be put in to a waterbed frame? As you will see in this blog there is finally a mattress for people who no longer want their waterbed mattress, but would like to keep their wooden water bed frame, and it can be found at waterbed stores and mattress stores. Putting a Conventional Mattress in a Waterbed is easy and saves you money. They are generally stocked and custom made to fit inside of a waterbed; the industry calls this mattress a water bed insert.

Putting a Conventional Mattress in a Waterbed Shop our regular mattress made to fit a hardside waterbed frame now by clicking the photo above.

Available water bed insert mattress sizes:

·Super Single Inserts- Measurements 46 inches wide x 82 inches long
·California Queen– Measurements 58 inches wide x 82 inches long
·California King– Measurements 70 inches wide x 82 inches long

10 Benefits of a waterbed insert mattress

1. You can keep your waterbed headboard, frame, drawers, sheets, mattress pad, and comforter.
2. Saves money only one thing to buy, a conventional coil spring mattress that is made to fit the waterbed.
3. Buying a replacement conventional mattress for the hard side waterbed means you can still use everything you already own for it.
4. Regular mattresses for a waterbed are easier to get in and out of.
5. Special waterbed conventional mattresses are easy to move.
6. No waterbed heater expenses to pay for.
7. Waterbed inserts come in a variety of firmnesses including Firm, Medium, and Pillow Top Soft, memory foam, and all natural latex
8. Conventional water bed inserts are cheaper than buying a new set of mattresses.
9. Do not have to drain and fill when moving the waterbed.
10. Don’t have to worry about leaks.

Bonus Benefit

11. Waterbed Inserts are lightweight.

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