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Airbeds Are Not The Only Adjustable Mattresses In Town

January 17, 2011
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Adjustable Mattresses

Many of my customers are surprised when they come into my store asking for adjustable airbed mattresses to find that we no longer carry them in stock. It has been nearly six years since we’ve carried these beds, which are quite popular for their touch-of-a-button instant customizable comfort. So why don’t sell them?

What Is Your Firmness? Adjustable Mattresses.

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There are better more reliable alternatives. One example is bed kits. Bed kits are just like an airbed or regular mattress with the exception that they include a zipper, which gives instant access to the inside. What makes them so diverse is that different kinds of comfort layers or pieces can be used to construct the bed. Materials like Memory Foam, Latex Rubber, Coil Springs, you name it pretty much whatever material or material combination you choose can create your perfect bed. The great thing is you can swap out or change out layers as your comfort needs change making these beds totally customizable.

Another great choice is a soft-sided waterbed. They are virtually the same as the previously mentioned but it’s an adjustable bladder filled with water and a heater. Just like other bed kits, these unique beds can also use a wide range of mattress choices for comfort, support, and of course since it is a waterbed wave control meaning that it doesn’t have to move like the ocean. One last feature these adjustable beds offer is therapeutic temperature control.

People Ask Us Why We Don’t Carry Airbeds Anymore?

My response is we’ve had many brands and a number of problems with all of them. The problems have ranged from bad pumps; bad hose connections, and even leaks in the airbeds all of this within a 5-6 year time period. On the other hand, we’ve used companies like Land Sky and Savvy Rest with their layers of 100% natural quality latex and had no failures in half that time. For customizable beds like softside waterbeds, our failure rate is less than 2 percent.

Not one of these beds has given us an issue concerning mold, which has been a big problem with airbeds. This happens when body moisture penetrates the comfort layers on top and contacts the cold airbag and forms condensation, the mold can then cause severe health issues. The same thing can happen on a cold softside waterbed, which is why all of our softside waterbeds utilize temperature-controlled heaters. Simply turning up the heater to the desired warmth will solve the problem. You don’t have this option with an airbed.

Favorite Adjustable Beds

Our favorite adjustable beds are the Land Sky and Savvy Rest all-natural non-toxic chemicals latex mattresses, which are made up of 3” layers of natural latex. Interestingly they all can be ordered in any combination of firm, medium, or soft and can come in any firmness combination of your choosing including Talalay Latex or Dunlop Latex both in the firm, medium, and soft or any mixture. The layers can even be turned and flipped to extend what is already considered the longest life of any mattress built today. For individual comfort split, mattresses are available for nearly all bed kits.

Waterbed bladders, poly foams, memory foams, or natural rubber layers are split from head to foot so that each half of the bed in either king or queen can be tailored to each individual’s needs. It is true, that these beds do not have the fingertip ease of adjustment or range of adjustment of an airbed, but they do not have a $400.00 + noisy pump to fail or a mattress that feels like you’re sleeping in a hammock when adjusted to a softer level. With adjustable customizable bed kit mattresses most personal preferences are addressed and can be taken care of at the time of purchase for that perfect feel, but just remember that you do always have the option to change that feeling at the same time get the healthiest mattress made.

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