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Bed Kits – The Pros of Build it Yourself Beds

October 25, 2010
In the Bedroom

Bed Kit – Collapsible Beds

Sometimes we just can’t help it but if you are one of those people that move a lot then you know that your king or queen size mattress and foundation can be a major moving headache. The sizes of these mattresses are huge and in many cases, they are extremely heavy and hard to maneuver through tight turns, get up and downstairs, or maybe you just can’t get someone to help you. The solution to your problem is called a bed kit.Bed Kits The Advantages of Do it Yourself Beds

What is a Bed Kit?

Bed kits come completely unassembled and come equipped with a zippered top that can be unzipped and removed and then set aside. Under the cover, there are individual layers of latex rubber, memory foam or standard polyurethane foam. These more manageable layers are a lot smaller than your ordinary mattress making them only a fraction of the thickness and the weight of an entire completely assembled mattress. Regular mattresses will not collapse or fold without damaging them. In addition, good quality mattresses with a high number of coil springs can weigh a lot. There are other examples of heavy high-quality mattresses like a king latex mattress which can weigh 200lbs and have the rigidity of Gumby.

Bed Kit Advantages

• The mattress can be broken down into 3, 4 or more pieces.
• Smaller vehicles can be utilized or they can even be transported in a very small covered trailer or pickup truck with a shell. Try that with a regular king or queen mattress.
• When you arrive at your new destination you will find it easier to maneuver up and down small and narrow stairways.
• You won’t need help. If you move a lot you know it is commonly tough to find help, with a bed that moves in pieces you will not have to ask the best friend or relative to help you move that king size mattress again.
• A bed kit allows you to replace a bad component without replacing the whole bed. If your dog eats the cover, you have the option to replace the cover.
• If you don’t like the firmness of your bed you can simply replace one layer with a softer or firmer layer.
• Customized comfort. You can purchase split layers to get the exact comfort you need and while doing the same for the person sleeping next to you.
• Allowing each of you to sleep on a custom-tailored bed.