How To Sleep Together Despite Your Differences

How To Sleep Together Despite Your Differences

August 14, 2014
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Today we are going to be discussing “How To Sleep Together Despite Your Differences”.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems couples face in the bedroom these days is performance. Not sexual performance but mattress performance. Couples who don’t agree with each other concerning matters of firmness, support, and comfort are often victims of sleeplessness, back pain, and even irritability from lack of sleep all because mattress performance IE comfort, and support are not up to snuff. So what can be done for couples that disagree on the bed that they sleep in?

Mattresses Can Now Accommodate The “Odd-Sized Couple”

Imagine he’s  240 pounds and six foot four and she’s 140 lbs. and five foot four. She likes it soft and he likes it rock hard. With two different body types and weights is there anything that can provide comfort and proper support for these 2 unique people?

Indeed there is since 2003 Savvy Rest began providing twosomes with exceptional individual support and comfort that comes with tailored adjustable layers specific for each sleeper. Below we are sharing the experience of just one of our different-sized couples we described above after having rested several various firmness and support combination, we have withheld their names for privacy.

Mattress Choices Are Personal

To have a successful mattress buying experience individual personalization for both sleepers is necessary as we are about to learn. After trying and testing out different bed combinations we find that our odd couple loved 2 different types of beds. She preferred a bed that felt totally and completely different than his. After testing resting many firmness combinations, her unique customization included a mattress described as having a combination of 3 support layers that included: a comfortable soft surface layer over a mid-support soft layer over a base medium layer from top to bottom for her petite build.

Her husband a former high school and college football player lives with some nagging back injuries and preferred a much harder bed with more solid support for his bigger frame. He selected 3 layers for his plus-size frame as well however the surface comfort layer was medium firmness over a mid-support firm layer over a base film layer and didn’t sag under his bigger frame.

A Divided Mattress Saves Marriages (Learn How)

Two different body sizes and weights need unique and individual support. While the layers inside the mattress may be divided the mattress cover itself is still one solid piece, even in queen, king, and California King sizes. The cover is actually a large zippered encasement for easy entrance to assemble or change out the mattress’s inner layers. The splitting up of layers cannot only pacify people with unique firmness and support needs these split layers can minimize disturbance from a restless partner.

Restlessness can be a result of issues like heartburn, snoring, back pain, restless leg syndrome, and even sleep apnea. Unfortunately, this can be exhausting for both the individual with the mentioned issues and the partner. Savvy Rest who makes several mattresses with this design shared that for many couples this split design is a unique benefit that does not exist with ordinary mattresses.

While Savvy Rest does not offer marriage counseling they kidded in a recent blog article that their unique split mattress design gives each sleeper everything they want in a mattress which might just save a few marriages.

Savvy Rest Makes 3 customization Mattress Models for him and her:

  • Tranquility is Available with two layers of really durable natural rubber that can purchase with split layers or solid layers. Layers can be made from either Talalay Natural Rubber or Dunlop Natural Rubber.
  • Serenity – Our best seller is offered with
  • Serenity Pillow Top- Same as described in the Serenity above. Also includes a customization four-inch pillow top with your choice of soft, medium, or firm natural rubber made from Talalay or Dunlop Natural Rubber.

If your bed is not performing the way you and your partner expect it to, know that there are now solutions for the couple that cannot and do not agree on firmness, feeling, and support. Letting a mattress come between you and yours is not something couples have to tolerate anymore. Better rest, individual support, and desired comfort through customization mattresses are the state-of-the-art solution to peace and love in the bedroom.

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