Replacement waterbed heaters are easy to install: Just plug it in and you can adjust the thermostat – even when it’s dark. Maintains bed temperature for optimal sleeping temperature whether you own a hardside or softside waterbed.

Includes heating pad and adjustable temperature control

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Cozy Temp Hardside Waterbed Heater


Includes FREE waterbed conditioner and FREE shipping!

You will love the adjustable cozy temperature controlled comfort this will add to your bed.  The energy efficient solid state thermostat and warming pad is specifically engineered to regulate the desired temperature of your hard side water bed. Average life expectancy for an H2o heater is 7-8 years. How hold is yours? Are you moving? Are you draining your waterbed? Is your old waterbed heater not properly maintaining proper temperature or perhaps stopped working and quit. A new heating system is the safe solution and if the bed is already drained why not plan ahead and make life easy on yourself.  NOTE this heater should never bed used in a bed with a fill level of less than 8 inches. See installation instructions for complete details.

Fits the Following Wood Framed (Hardside) Waterbeds: Super Single, Queen, and California King

Low Watt Softside Waterbed Mattress Heater


You should not use just any waterbed heater with a flotation softside water bed. These modern fluid beds have less water than the older wood framed waterbeds. Softsiders require a system that won’t over heat and scorch / burn your watermattress and safety liner. With solid state energy efficient control and a max wattage output of only 120 watts this easy to read digital read out will not only save you money but give you peace of mind and safety. This unit is specifically designed to work with your mid fill, shallow fill, or deep fill soft side waterbed.
Whether you own a tube or cylinder type softside, single, or dual bladder you will rest easy knowing that your heater’s patented safer design will keep the temperature regulated to a cozy temperature that is exactly where you like it. For more details on this heater look below.