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Top 10 Problems With Latex Mattress Toppers

March 31, 2011
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Like most anything, there are pros and cons. Latex Mattress Toppers in our opinion and experience is one of those products where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 problems with latex mattress toppers.

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Latex Mattress Topper Problems And Complaints

Top 10 Problems With Latex Mattress Toppers
  1. Tears Easily When Handling: Much like an egg it has strengths and weaknesses. As tough and long-lasting as all-natural rubber is, simply grabbing the topper and tugging on it can tear or damage the rubber be sure to understand how to handle it.
  2. Smell: Chemical smell all but doesn’t exist. Any smell is the natural rubber itself and is not harmful. Most have actually been tested for harmful VOCs and were found to be free of such harmful toxins. Ask for a chemical analysis for purity.
  3. Latex Rubber Sleeps Hot: The fact is their hundreds and hundreds of holes which in addition to other things also provide good ventilation. The material is actually very breathable in its very structure and in addition most latex toppers include a very high-quality breathable encasement made of cotton, wool, or both.
  4. They Break Down and Don’t Last: While it is true that this additional pad will “eventually” break down it is important that all things ultimately break down. What is different about latex toppers is that they are made of long-lasting rubber and overall perform better foams, fibers, and feathers.
  5. High Cost: Sure rubber can cost more and sometimes 2 to 3 times more, but when averaging their cost into their average life expectancy the cost is recovered and in many cases end up costing less than frequently replacing cheap knockoffs or inferior products.
  6. Not Comfortable: This of course is a matter of personal preference. While at this time I don’t sleep on one that doesn’t mean this isn’t the perfect mattress topper for me. Just like anything else, there are many different types of rubber, Talalay, Dunlop, and Synthetic Blends all of which come in a variety of firmness that could please the Princess and the Pea in your life. One big mistake is they often purchase their topper too thin. The thickness or depth of a mattress topper directly relates to how comfy you will be when you sleep. Thicker bed toppers offer more support and more comfort
  7. Some People Are Allergic To Latex Rubber: As with any medical condition, this should be taken seriously however know that even people that are allergic to latex may not be allergic to all latex as we explained in our previous blog called All Natural Latex, Benefits, Problems, Allergies.
  8. Latex Rubber is Imported: The majority of it comes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Don’t be fooled though, many American jobs are reliant on the natural rubber industry.
  9. Mattress Toppers Shift: Since this mattress add-on is not securely fastened to or built as part of the mattress there is a potential that it may not stay in its original place. The result is that the topper whatever type you have may slide or shift even bunch up underneath the sleeper. Side note thinner toppers are more prone to such problems.
  10. Cannot Be Cleaned: Latex mattress toppers are difficult to clean because they cannot be washed or dry cleaned like a feather, down, or wool-filled mattress toppers. One thing to keep in mind is that the mattress we often use for 10-plus years cannot be washed either. Regular care of bedding and occasional vacuuming can go a long way and add in the fact that natural latex is mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant and that is far more than the average mattress has to offer.

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