Truth About Cheap Mattress Sets.

The “Truth” About Cheap Mattress Sets

January 12, 2009
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Tired Of Mattress Stores Advertising Prices Comparable To These? Learn the truth about cheap mattress sets.

Examples for illustration only:
· Twin mattress set 99.95
· Full 149.95
· Queen 199.95
· King 299.95

Then you go into the mattress store and look at them and they’re junk! If this has happened to you then you will love this blog. It is hard to find a mattress store in St. Louis that doesn’t advertise an ad similar to the prices above. Just open up the St. Louis Post Dispatch or Suburban Journal and look at the ads created to entice you into their mattress lair.

Want The “Truth” About Cheap Mattress Sets?

The truth is our cheap low priced mattress is just like everyone else’s low priced cheap mattress. I think Consumer Reports said it best and I’m paraphrasing; “cheap mattresses are nothing more than a slab of cheap foam with a piece of fabric over them. The only steel in them is the staple holding on the law label.” Heck if you’re lucky enough they might throw in a few coil springs. “Then there are the foundations, which are the thin wood framework and slats topped off with cardboard and held together with a few staples.” Hardly the mattress set fit for a king much less our growing children.

Unfortunately as a mattress store if you do not carry these cheap price points, you are at a competitive disadvantage. Sure you can buy a mattress like this for a really really cheap price, but it cannot and will not support a person bigger than a small child. We believe the average mattress buyer is expecting a lot more for their hard-earned dollar. So in this blog, we are taking a stand. It’s important to note that mattresses like these are built for one reason and one reason only: price, not comfort, not support, or even quality.

You Get What You Pay For

The truth is the people who buy these mattresses are getting exactly what they paid for whether it is our mattress model or our competitors. The old saying you get what you pay for definitely applies here.

The best applications for these mattresses are very very small children or kids who may still be going through the bed-wetting stage, rarely used fishing cabins, or maybe to fill a spare bedroom that rarely or never gets used. The reality is that even if you are on a very tight budget, mattresses with good comfort and a decent life expectancy can be bought for only a few dollars more. Mattress stores often have layaway payment plans to help you afford a mattress that might otherwise be financially out of reach. We would be glad to help you locate a mattress to fit your needs and your budget by simply contacting us.

STL Beds challenges our mattress competitors to be that honest about their starting mattress set. If more mattress stores opted out of such appealing advertising practices, maybe the mattress industry could get some of its good names back. Isn’t that more important for the mattress industry and our loyal customers? After all our customers are expecting quality mattresses at a reasonable price. Instead, we give them preposterously low prices on mattress sets they don’t want to buy, just to lure them into our stores.  In the end, we frustrate our customers and don’t make any money on such cheap mattress sets anyway.

In the end the mattress shopper and the mattress store both loose.

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