100% All-Natural Latex Mattress. What is it?

100% All-Natural Latex Mattress, Is It Foam Or Rubber?

December 22, 2008
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3 questions about the same rubbery latex mattress material, but really what is a 100% All-Natural Latex Mattress?

  1. Is it 100% all-natural latex a foam?
  2. Is it  100% all-natural latex it a foam rubber?
  3. Is it 100% all-natural latex Is it simply just rubber?

Lots of confusion concerning what this stuff really is. Here is a simple to understand explanation of what is 100 percent all-natural latex really is.

Plain & Simple: All-Natural Latex Goes By 3 Names:

100% all-natural latex foam
100% all-natural latex rubber
100% all-natural latex foam rubber

Understanding The 3 Names Used By The Mattress Industry:

The correct and true name is 100% all-natural latex rubber. It is made from the sap of a rubber tree and is processed until the point where it ends up as a finished sheet of latex rubber ranging in thickness from one inch up to 6 inches thick. These sheets of rubber are then inserted into an all-natural latex mattress or become part of the growing number of organic mattresses on the retail market today.

Here Is Where The Confusion Begins:

The finished sheet of all-natural latex rubber is commonly inserted into a mattress just like a sheet of polyurethane foam. Many manufacturers use the common term “sheet of foam” when describing or talking about the innards of a mattress and working in the mattress industry. Really by default these mattress gurus just started calling it foam rubber because it was easy, and it was being used in the identical way that we use a sheet of polyurethane foam. In quick industry lingo they were and are really just one and the same even though it was and is totally incorrect.

Polyurethane foam is commonly purchased by mattress manufacturers in varying thicknesses, just like all-natural latex rubber.  Polyurethane foam or PU is the most commonly used foam product in a mattress and box spring today. However polyurethane foam is petroleum-based and is not all-natural. PU Foam is not made from a trees sap but is actually made from an irreplaceable natural resource, oil. Memory foam commonly recognized in the world under names like Tempur Pedic, the famous handprint, and being designed and developed by NASA. An important fact about memory foam is that this type of polyurethane foam is petrol based.  Because of that nearly 100 percent of all Memory foam isn’t considered to be anything close to organic or all-natural but is commonly more durable than traditional polyurethane foam.

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