Organic bed, why? Healthier, long lasting, ecologically friendly, personalized comfort and firmness for each sleeper. The amount of toxic chemicals we introduce inside our homes is astounding and mattresses are one of the most notorious.  Petroleum based foam, synesthetic fabrics, and chemical flame retardants used to “protect us” off gas within our homes and degrade into the dust particles we breathe making our families vulnerable to numerous related health issues related  to these compounds. All natural mattresses without toxic flame retardants offer a beneficial healthy alternative.

Customization of natural Dunlop or Talalay latex rubber layers creates countless combinations of comfort and support that is unique for each sleeper. Your new mattress can be placed on most platform beds or on our natural coordinating foundation You will sleep assured with written documentation and certifications backing Savvy Rest’s statements of natural and organic materials. Questions about buying organic sleep products? Let our green certified staff answer them

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