Pastoral Organic Wool Mattress

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Pastoral Organic Wool Mattress


The Pastoral organic wool mattress is filled with organic wool batting inside a tufted organic cotton cover.


  • Light yet breathable support.
  • Organic cotton twill cover.
  • Promotes comfortable body temperature.
  • Place on bed rug over foundation or platform bed.

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The Pastoral organic wool mattress has wool fiber that is resilient, supportive, and promotes a cooler, drier sleep environment. Each Pastoral is handmade and tufted with natural linen thread. Custom sizes (width and length) are available.




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Weight 1 lbs

Product Features

Pastoral Organic Wool Mattress Features


Mattress height: 4.5”
NOTE: Any wool-filled mattresses are subject to some degree of compression. To reduce the risk of body impressions, rotate and flip the Pastoral regularly. For even performance, sleep on different areas of the mattress during the first six months of use.

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