Top 10 Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Top 10 Problems with Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

April 8, 2011
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Top Ten complaints about visco elastic memory foam toppers…

Top Ten Problems with Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Shop our Eco Memory Foam Toppers Here

Mattress toppers sell like hot cakes but are they really any good? Below we share the Top 10 Problems with Memory Foam Mattress Toppers at the end of this blog be sure to check out the link where we share the benefits.

  1. Memory toppers break down: It’s interesting when we hear this complaint because the fact is all foams break down at some point and time. Memory foam is no exception. One thing that makes it different is that it can and usually does last far longer than tradition polyurethane foams.
  2. Memory foam mattress toppers sleep hot: It is true memory foam can cause people to get hot especially for persons that use little covers at night. The solution is newer generations of foam products that can dissipate heat faster.
  3. Memory Foam off gasses: It is loaded with a lot of chemicals let’s just call it that new car smell, we won’t get into that today, but just like we need fuel for a fire we also need oil / petroleum to build memory foam. They can accurately be described as man-made or synthetic products.  The best way to deal with off gassing issues is to give the foam some time to air out / cure in the same way we would open windows to air out a house to let paint dry.
  4. Hard to turn over in: This can be a problem for people who are not as healthy and agile. Most foam is slow to recover making it harder to reposition. The up side is that due to its unique pressure relieving capabilities people turn over less throughout the night.
  5. Toppers are expensive: Memory foam is more costly and especially brand names. Rest assured there are less expensive alternatives that are warranted to last just as long.
  6. Fly by night product or fad: Memory foam mattress toppers aren’t going anywhere but up in sales. Consumer Reports asked its readers if they would buy their mattress again and Tempur Pedic led all other brands of mattresses with the answer yes. Memory foam mattress toppers can be part of a poor man’s memory foam mattress for people limited by budget.
  7. Gets soft with age: Toppers made utilizing memory foam just like their sister the mattress can get softer with age, what they rarely get is deep valley’s and body indentations like traditional foams.
  8. Memory foam health issues: While I think memory foam is one of the most comfortable product ever made I do think the jury is still out on this one. We will leave it up to the foam industry who has a much better knowledge of the chemical and the health risks if any that are involved with purchasing a memory foam topper. We do suggest letting a memory foam topper air out especially with older versions that trap VOC’s.
  9. Memory foam isn’t comfortable: It seems to be a love hate relationship with people and this new-fangled memory foam stuff. People either love it or hate it. The great thing about toppers is there are many different thicknesses and ILD’s (firmness’s) available not to mention mattresses the topper will be placed on. All of these things can affect the feel. So take your time and try different combinations.
  10. Not Eco Friendly: It is true toppers made with so call NASA foam for the most part aren’t made using sustainable resources or Eco Friendly building methods. Foam is petroleum based however more sustainable methods by companies like Anatomic Global’s Eco Series Memory Foam who uses plant base oils substitutions, recycled materials, and bamboo address this topper construction issue.

Top 10 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers.