Top 10 Benefits Of A Latex Mattress Topper

Top 10 Benefits Of A Latex Mattress Topper

April 4, 2011
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Below Are 10 Advantages Of Choosing Latex Mattress Toppers

If you have been asking yourself why choosing a latex mattress topper is a good thing then you have come to the right place. So, let’s just get right to it and talk about the top 10 benefits of a latex mattress topper. We will discuss any issues you might have with a latex mattress topper in another post. One thing to remember is that not all latex is the same.

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  1. Less Expensive alternative to a latex mattress: Costs less than buying a new mattress set.
  2. Long-Lasting: Latex mattress toppers make for a durable alternative to cheap foam toppers or traditional mattress tops which are permanently attached to the beds. In the case of regular mattresses, low-grade materials are often used to create attached pillow tops and plush top cushy beds that frequently wear out prematurely.
  3. Latex Mattress Toppers Sleep Cool: Latex foam rubber breathes which helps to eliminate body moisture. Not only can it keep you cooler in the summer, but also it can keep you warmer in the winter which is important for a good night of sleep.
  4. Good For People Who Are Overweight: Overweight or obese people can rest assured that toppers made with latex rubber will perform better than models made with foam thanks to rubbers’ unique ability to continuously bounce back into shape.
  5. Eco-Friendly: In the case of models built with natural latex rubber the rubber is a sustainable growth process derived from trees and is not only earth friendly but has no toxic chemicals and is biodegradable.
  6. Make a firm bed softer: Whether your old mattress is too firm or your new mattress is too hard a latex mattress topper may be a great solution. It can be like adding a soft pillow to the top of the bed. Selecting one with a lower ILD or Firmness will make for a cushier bed.
  7. Makes mattress last longer: If you are looking to minimize mattress wear and get more life out of your bed because the mattress topper receives the most wear and tear.
  8. Latex toppers can be replaced: As mentioned above a latex topper receives the most use and abuse extending bed life. Because the topper is not attached to the bed and usually costs far less than a new mattress set a topper is a cheap long-lasting solution that is replaceable.
  9. Easy to move: A mattress topper is often one layer of latex that trims overall mattress weight making it easier to move than an entire mattress and can weigh considerably less while thinning it down making the bed more maneuverable.
  10. Diversity in thicknesses and firmnesses: We encourage thicker toppers because they don’t slide out of position and range from about 1 to 4 inches in total thickness. Many firmness levels which include everything from the softest to the firmest are available. However the most popular are those that are softer and resemble pillow tops attached to regular mattresses.

2 Bonus Advantages Of Latex Mattress Toppers.

  1. Hypoallergenic: Latex rubber is mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant. People with latex allergies may be able to benefit from latex as well noted in this previous blog called All Natural Latex Benefits, Problems, Allergies.
  2. No Toxic Chemicals: Some all-natural latex mattress toppers are virtually no toxic chemicals. Shop with caution, not all latex has no toxic chemicals so do your homework. We recommend asking your dealer for a chemical content analysis or a list of its no-toxic chemicals 3rd party certifications.

We hope these 10 benefits of a latex mattress topper help you with your choice today.

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