Organic Wool Topper Pads

Organic Wool Topper Pads

November 22, 2011
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Organic Wool Mattress Topper Pads

Traditional mattresses use many man made materials within their construction. Polyurethane foam, polyester fiber, and memory foam are just some of the contents used in the sleeping surface of your new mattress all of which are made from petrochemicals. If you are currently sleeping on one of these mattresses the fact is that your body is positioned less than one inch from possibly harmful toxins. Unfortunately this exposure comes in the form of our skin, lungs, bodies, and the air that we breathe throughout the night. So why not add an inexpensive insulating layer between you and the mattress? One of the best and cheapest solutions is are Organic Wool Topper Pads.

About Organic Wool Mattress Toppers

Organic wool toppers are available in a variety of price ranges and sizes to fit your needs and your budget. As you may or may not know one of the features that make them so popular is the fact that wool has incredible moisture wicking abilities and that can keep you toasty warm in the cold winter months and cool as a cucumber in the summer. Inherently organic wool toppers are dust mite resistant making them friendlier to those of us with dust mite allergies.

How to compare Organic Wool Toppers

There are important things that you want to look for when you buy an new mattress topper for example: Learning the benefits of organic wool.

  • Topper thickness: Many companies put a lot of emphasis on this number. It can be a misleading number and is not the most important factor. As you will find toppers can come in thicknesses ranging from blanket thin, one inch, two inches, and even 3 inches and beyond this really doesn’t tell you much. The fact is you want to know the fill power.

  • Fill Power: Fill power is not a number of fluff like topper thickness which can simply flatten out over time due to lack of fill materials are highly lofted. Fill power is the exact amount of organic wool  or other material used to fill a square foot of topper. The more wool used the higher the number, the less wasted space and air making the topper heavier and more valuable. Ask for the fill power number when purchasing a stuffed or filled topper.
  • Cover Make Up: What the fabric cover is made of. The material cover is usually made of cotton and the wool and should be certified organic. Ask or look for the certification of purity. Be sure to know if the cover is made from certified materials such as cotton to ensure a non toxic chemical topper. Things to consider is the material the cover is made from and the thread count per square inch. These are a couple of key factors in determining the difference between cheaper low priced, low quality, organic toppers and long lasting, certified, high fill power, high thread count toppers.

Organic Wool Topper Care:

Do not wash, as the organic wool toppers and the organic cotton used will likely shrink.

One of the best ways to keep your topper fresh is to air it out. I know this might sound silly but it is no different then when we open our house up to air it out. Our suggestion is putting the topper in direct sunlight in the fresh air outside at least once a month.

Use an organic mattress protector over your mattress and organic topper this will protect it against soiling and staining. These can be removed and laundered.

To keep wool fibers loose, free, fluffy and comfy shake the topper vigorously and as often as possible. As mentioned previously regular sunning is best.

Use a nontoxic spot cleaner if necessary.

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