Top 10 Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Top 10 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Add on mattress top, pillow toppers, and mattress overlays are just a few of the common names used for the various surface cushioning that can be added to a mattress and they are all the rage right now in mattress accessories. If you haven’t checked our article Top 10 Problems with Memory Foam Mattress Toppers please click the link and enjoy. Otherwise please enjoy reading:

Top Ten Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

  1. Memory Foam mattress toppers reduce pressure: Only waterbeds up to this point have received as many endorsements from chiropractors and doctors for the pressure relief. However there is no motion with a memory foam and it is being used in variety of applications throughout the world including shoes, chairs, and of course mattresses and toppers.
  2. Add on pillow tops can soften a bed that is too firm:The idea of a mattress topper is revolutionary. It can take a rock hard bed that creates extreme pressure forcing us to constantly reposition throughout the night and change it into a luxurious pillow top mattress that significantly reduces disturbing tossing and turning.Top 10 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers
  3. Best value for the dollar is a memory foam bed overlay: Good quality memory foam mattresses are costly but purchasing the same quality foam in a 2 or 3 inch thick overlay can save hundreds even thousands of dollars. Example of Memory Foam Topper Prices.
  4. New innovative materials allow memory foam overlays to sleep cool: While all brands cannot claim this next generation foams that do not rely on body temperature to heat to the foam and soften are now easy to find. Additionally some foam is made with foam that allows air to flow freely and not trap once troublesome heat. Other mattress toppers infuse the cooling properties of gel to pull heat away from the body throughout the night.
  5. Memory foam tops are safe: Mattress makers of memory foam toppers are taking advantage of better and safer methods to produce it. Zero emissions chambers are being used in production of some toppers to collect possible harmful voc’s that could be harmful to workers and ultimately the consumer. Also like a freshly painted wall the toppers must be properly cured or dried so that there is very little to no threat to indoor air environment.
  6. Sheets can be bought to fit over both mattress and topper: While memory foam pillow tops give mattresses a stately look and create a wonderful feel they do add to the overall mattress thickness. Example a 12 inch thick mattress and a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper will increase the total thickness to 15 inches.  Sheets, pads, and protectors for mattresses can be found nearly everywhere including your local mattress and furniture store, Wal-Mart types stores, and of course on line. Thick mattresses are now the norm and the sheets that fit them are as well.
  7. Mattress Pillow Tops Can be purchased anywhere: You only need to go as far as your local Target, Wal-Mart, or Costco to find one. On line sources are also good sources like STL Beds, Amazon, and others.
  8. Topping off a mattress is cheap: Prices depend on size and there are many size toppers available. The most common are twin, full or double, queen, eastern king, and California King. It not only depends on where you buy your visco elastic memory foam topper but also what it is made of, because in the end this will ultimately dictate the price we pay. Memory Foam Topper Cost Examples
  9. Mattress overlays are durable: This is not necessarily true. Be careful. While costs can be very cheap, so can the material used to build the mattress cushioning. Look for low emissions, sleep cool, high density and good reviews.
  10. Cheap way to fix an old worn out mattress: Not true. If the bed is slightly worn and you are just trying to extend the life a couple of years you might get away with it, otherwise whatever sagging and lack of core support is going on in the mattress will transfer through to your topper.

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