Will My Mattress Be Replaced Under Warranty?

Will My Mattress Be Replaced Under Warranty?

February 6, 2014
In the Bedroom

The Scary Truth About Mattress Warranties

By now you may have heard or read some of the horror stories described by consumers and their issues with the manufacturers of mattresses. Is their guaranteed promise worth the paper that it is written on or is this simply confusion and misunderstanding on the part of the uneducated unaware consumer?

What You Need to Know About Mattress Warranties

amerisleep-memory-foam-mattress-warrantyBedding guarantees are some of the longest of any retail industry. However bedding consumers need to read and thoroughly understand them before they make a purchase. Most consumers have the thought process of “what could possibly go wrong with a mattress“. The truth is more than you can imagine. Failing, defective or poor grade building materials make beds uncomfortable, unsupportive and even painful. The most common mattress complaints are typically not covered.  Coverage is spelled out in the warranty card which is hardly ever read by consumers so it’s important to take the time to read and understand.

What Mattress Manufacturers Will Not Cover Under Warranty

As defined by nearly every manufacture of beds industry-wide “normal wear” is not under warranty protection. What defines normal wear? It’s a measurable indentation or sag guideline as some people like to call it is the industry’s most common complaint. The sag or impression is a measurable gap that has developed and can be observed by placing a straight edge across the surface of the mattress. If the measurable depth (example 1 ½  inch) of the indentation is equal to or greater than the measurement stated on the warranty card then the mattress is supposed to be repaired or replaced. Additionally the purchaser must have also met compliance qualifications spelled out in their warranty card such as being the original purchaser, having the original receipt, and not have any signs of marks, stains or abuse on the mattress or the guarantee may be considered null and void.

What is Important to Know About Mattress Guarantees?

How a mattress wears may or may not be covered by the manufacturer, so it is important that you purchase the very best mattress with the best quality materials you can afford. Be certain you are buying a sleep system that has high density or high resiliency foam with very high ILD’s. Better building ingredients equal superior resistance to break down and failure lessening the need to exercise a warranty in the future. A lack of conformability and durability is likely to mean a lack of comfort and support.

Breaking in a mattress is said to be normal by makers and defined as a settling process of mattress layers made from foam and fabric.   Find a mattress that molds and contours to your body equally and has the materials that are durable enough to last the test of time with or without a guarantee.

Will My Mattress Be Replaced Under Warranty By The Manufacturer?

Claim warranty under comfort alone does not guarantee you a new or repaired mattress. Remember comfort is subjective and is not a warranty provision. With the break in and break down bar set by mattress builders mild settling while uncomfortable by some of us while not affecting others. Such a problem is likely not to be covered even if we are hyper sensitive to what they call minor settling materials.

Pro-rated or non-prorated may determine if your mattress is covered.

Pro-rated part of the warranty or the non-prorated part of the warranty will determine the out of pocket cost if any you may have to pay under your warranty terms. Read our article talking about Pro-rated vs. non-prorated mattress warranties.