California King Size Mattresses Become More Popular

Difference Between a King and Queen Size Mattress

February 14, 2010
In the Bedroom

Can’t decide between the king and the queen size bed?

You’re pretty sure you want a king, but you just keep thinking how ginormous a king-size bed really is. Should you second guess yourself and begin thinking about settling for a queen? What if you’re wrong and the queen is too small. So what should you do and what’s the difference anyway?

Well if size matters then we suggest forgetting the idea of the queen and consider an eastern king or a California King with its seven-foot length, which is a definite must-have if you’re tall. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to the Cal. King; it is very hard to find sheets, comforters, and headboards/footboards.

Which Is Bigger A King Or Queen Size Bed Mattress

On the other hand, finding bedding for an Eastern king is not a problem and can be found in nearly every store that sells sheets and comforters. Quite frankly over the last 20 years, we’re selling a lot more king-size beds, this may be due to the increased size of today’s bedrooms. Something else that makes the eastern king appealing is the additional 16” of width, which comfortably accommodates two sleepers, cats, dogs, and yes the kids more comfortably.

The queen size mattress is indeed smaller measuring only 60” wide by 80” long and is still by far the most common size bed sold today. During the 1960s the queen and king-size beds came into use and American couples never chose the double or full-size as their master bedroom mattress again.

The King and Queen Mattress Pros and Cons

Queen costs an average of $150.00 –  $300.00 less than a king

King offers 38” of sleeping space for each sleeper, which is the same as a twin but better for adults because they are 5 inches longer. Also, the additional space allows both sleepers to sprawl out and relax.

Sheets, comforters, and mattress pads cost slightly less for queen

Linen / Bedding election is slightly better for queen size

The queen is the best selling size because it often fits the best in the bedroom

Sleep is the rejuvenating phase for the body which helps us heal, re-energize, and process new information be at the top of our game for a new day. We encourage you to give thought to the advantages of a king if you have the space. We don’t think you would ever regret choosing a larger more comfortable size.