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What Is A Split Box Spring And Do I Need One

A split box spring is a component of the mattress foundation. It’s like a normal box spring but with two pieces that are connected by hinges so you can fold it up to store it in your closet or under your bed easily when not in use. A split box spring is optional because, while they’re very helpful in making mattresses last longer and providing better support for your body, they don’t add any extra comfort or support themselves.

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You can get both types of beds: split and non-split—and either type will work well with just about any brand of mattress. However, if you have a split bed (which most modern ones do), then using a split boxspring is the best way to get the most out of your mattress purchase!

A Split Box Spring Explained Further

A split box spring is made up of two separate pieces. Each piece is designed to fit one side of the bed, and they’re connected by center support. The most obvious advantage of this design is that it allows you to adjust the height of your mattress at any time since you can simply lower or raise either side independently. This makes it easier for couples who prefer different levels of firmness in their mattresses (or who want to change things up during different seasons).

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Another benefit of split box springs is that they’re easier to construct than traditional full ones—you only need two materials instead of four, which means less waste and less money spent on production costs.

Can I Use A Regular Box Spring For A Split Bed?

While you can use a regular box spring for a split bed, it will not be as comfortable. The mattress will still be too high for the bed frame, and the bed will not be as stable because of the uneven height. The mattress will also not be as supportive or last as long since it’s not meant to be used in this way.

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A Split Box Spring Vs. No Box Spring For A Split Bed

The split box spring is the best option when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep and overall comfort. A traditional box spring has one ‘spring’ and a mattress on top, but the split boxspring has two ‘springs’ that are separated by a piece of plywood. This allows you to use your existing mattress without having to buy a new one, which saves money in the long run.

A split box spring is also more durable than no box spring at all: With two springs instead of one, it provides more stability for your bed structure and reduces wear on both components as well as any other items (such as mattresses) placed on top.

Not only this but it offers better support for your back, joints, and spine over time due to its better construction methods used during production compared with those who don’t own one yet still want some sort of support underneath their mattress (which is why many people opt for buying both together).

Two Important Things To Know About Split Box Springs

  • Split box springs are designed to fit into a split bed frame.
  • They tend to be lower than regular box springs, so you’ll need to consider this when purchasing your mattress if you want it to be at a certain height.
  • Split box springs are not as high as traditional boxed spring sets, which means they may not be ideal for taller people or children who like to climb onto their beds and sit on top of them (and we all know kids can be pretty rascally sometimes).

Split boxsprings come in different sizes that can accommodate any mattress and sleeper size combination, but it doesn’t mean that the set will always work for every scenario. For instance, there’s no guarantee that a queen-size split spring set will fit properly on a full-sized mattress—something else you’ll want to consider before choosing your new sleep surface!

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If You Have A Split Bed, You Will Need A Split Box Spring.

If you have a split bed, you will need a split box spring. A regular box spring will not work with your split bed.

Split box springs are designed to support the middle of your mattress and provide the lumbar support needed for your back. Split beds have two legs placed on either side of your bed frame, which makes it difficult for traditional boxsprings to fit between them; therefore, they must be cut in half in order to be used with a split bed. If you want to purchase a new one or if yours has broken after years of use, this article answers some of the most common questions about buying them:

The Similarities To Regular Box Springs?

Split box springs are just like regular ones but with an additional center support added in order that they can handle being cut into two pieces (or more) since there isn’t room for both halves under one end piece or leg like there would be if these were simply standard full-sized mattresses without any sort


The bottom line is, a split box spring will help you get the most out of your investment in a new bed. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you need one, think about how much time and money are invested into buying a new mattress set or upgrading an old one. The last thing you want is to have an uncomfortable sleep every night because your bed isn’t made for it; so if this is something that concerns you, then consider splurging on a new box spring!

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