What Size Mattress Does A Couple Need

June 18, 2012
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Question. What size mattress does a couple need?

Answer. There are a great many sizes of mattresses to choose from:

What Size Mattress Does Two People Need VIETNAM/THAILAND 2012 by BOMBTWINZ

Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full, Queen, and King size tend to be the primary or mainstream mattress sizes that people most often choose to sleep on. For an adult couple we should be a little more choosy. Our recommendation is at the very least a queen. It your bedroom and budget will allow for it then without a doubt the eastern king or commonly called king is the way to go. Queen measures 60 x 80 leaving each sleeper with 30 inches on sleeping surface. Believe it or not that is 8 inches less than kids with a twin size mattress have which is 38 inches wide. In reality if a couple were to choose a king the mattress measures 76 inches wide and is the same width as putting either 2 twins or 2 twin extra-long beds side by side a choice  some people opt for when they want a king size headboard but require mattress with different firmness and support.

Sleep space is part of being comfortable

When shopping for a new mattress be sure to bring your partner to determine best mattress size. Testing out a mattress together is the best test for space. Run your sales associate off for privacy. Take turns moving and turning over it really can help you determine the best mattress size. Not only that but both sleepers can make sure that the mattress meets both the needs for support and comfort.

Full size mattresses and adult couples

Many years ago full or double was the couples bed but today bedrooms are bigger and the customer demands more space. Full size mattresses measure 54 inches wide leaving each person with a whopping 27 inches of sleeping space. That doesn’t sound comfortable or inviting. As a matter of fact that is the same amount of space a baby would have in a crib mattress.

So What Size Mattress Does A Couple Need?

We think there is no question that two people should sleep in nothing smaller than a queen size mattress and if their room will accommodate it, go for the king size. We truly believe you will never regret your decision for more space, comfort, and the simple peace of mind a bigger more spacious bed offers.