Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak During Sex

Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak During Sex

May 1, 2014
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Are you tired of bed frames that make noise?

Purchasing the right steel bed frame is the key to a bed that will not squeak or make noise. But what is a good frame and where can I find one? A quality frame starts with solid connections that are tight and stay solid and snug over time. This usually means that connections when possible should be able to be tightened. Sloppy fittings, hook-ins, and connection points must hold the bed solid and firm. Without tight solid contact point’s frames can make noise. It can be a simple nuisance, keeping us awake,  or even embarrassing. In our last article “Sex and a Loud Bed Frame” we discussed a number of reasons it is important to have a quiet bed frame. Today we take a look at few different new bed frames that are known to be quieter and why they make less noise than other bed supports.

Stand-alone bed frames that don’t make noise

We all love easy and less work. Today a majority of free standing Hollywood frames are sold for convenience and fast assembly. Some go so far as to be one size fits all or one size fits many. This means that one packaged frame could fit a twin, full, queen, and king size with nothing else to buy and in some case no tools are needed. This is what can make them weak. Hand tightened frames, adjustable c-clamps, and plastic pins used to fasten and hold connections rarely make joints tight enough and ultimately end up squeaking. Our solution, buy base frames that are built for specific designated sizes. Queen frames built specifically for queen mattress sets, kings for kings etc. Frames built like this usually use properly sized bolts, nuts, and lock washers which can be tightened and stay tight longer.

Examples that we use for this purpose:

We all carry similar frames will headboard and footboard connections that bolt up. Contact us for more info.

Headboard & footboard steel rails that don’t make loud sounds

Beds with wood headboards and foot boards that include steel rails are often the worst for making noise. Even new ones to replace damaged or missing side rails can be noisy. Often it is no fault on the rails it is more likely the connection slots or hook-in slots that have become worn over time. A common fix is shims which slide over the down hooks and take up slack between the headboard/footboard and the part of the frame that should be tight and flush against those legs. Another help is to replace your worn frame rails with new ones that have legs or perhaps have extra legs with increased support. These additional supports and legs,  span the bed’s width and can relieve pressure from weight off bed connections and make the bed more solid, stable, and most importantly safer and quieter.

Frame Rail Shims

We also Sell Frames that hook into headboards only Contact us for more details.

Middle supports that can firm up a squeaky wood headboard, footboard, & wooden rails

Both older beds and newer beds are extremely vulnerable to loud squeaking, cracking, and even breaking. While center supports do not guarantee to stop a wood bed from squeeking most of the time people find success with this change. Not only that but they can save hundreds of dollars in damage to the bed that could even make it unusable. The expense of having a bed fixed or replaced can be avoided with proper installation of a solid heavy duty center support. Middle support braces with feet that transfer more weight from weak rails and bed connection points in the headboard down to the solid ground. This in turn makes for a more stable, safer, and silent bed.

Below are some examples:

Is there a cheap way to stop a frame from squeaking?

Recently we wrote a couple of articles that will not only help you locate the source of the noise but some solutions to fill the problem or determine if it can be fixed.

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