Twin/Full Hook-On Frame with Headboard & Footboard Brackets F71001


Headboard and Footboard Hook in

W Silver F71001  Steel Bed Support
system allows you to replace most old broken wood or metal Twin or Full size rail systems for your wooden headboard and wood foot board with hook in type attachments. The F70001 steel bed frame includes 2 heavy duty steel side rails, two hardened steel cross support bars, and 4 legs with adjustable feet that can certainly support the weight of a mattress set, the bed, and even a young active children or full grown adult. Legs adjust from 6.5″ – 9″

Frame will Adjust from Twin to Full.

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Why would I need a F71001  Twin / Full Rail System?

  • Missing side rails for your Twin or Full size bed?
  • Maybe you’ve lost or damaged your old wood side rails?
  • Your old rails have bent, cracked, split, or broke?

Regardless of your situation there are very few scenarios when this bed frame cannot be used to replace your existing Twin | Full size bed sides. What makes these different from competitors is that they are much stronger and loaded with extra middle support typically not found in simple replacement side rails. The F71001 is the best solution for better longer lasting overall mattress and boxspring support.

Measurements and fit of the F71001 Hook In Bed Frame

W Silver Product’s rail system is a patented, slat-less hook rail type bed frame that hooks securely into virtually any bed with a wood head board and footboard that has vertical receiving slots in the legs. Their bed rails are built and shaped from 1 1/2 wide hardened carbon steel which provides the support and solid middle strength asked for by nearly every mattress company. The down hooks have flattened ends for a more snug and safe attachment to your bed. (If your receiving slots or worn or non-standard fit may vary). The F70001 has an L shape design that gives uniform support along the entire length of the boxspring. This extra support usually eliminates the need for traditional wooden slats. The WSP F71001 steel rails also have much needed hinged cross support arms just inset from each end of the mattress set and are made from the same strong steel. The cross supports locks the side rails into position to keep them from bowing outward. They also support the side rails, end cross support bars, and ultimately the headboard and foot-board from weight damage. There are also four legs and 4 adjustable feet that are threaded and can be positioned 8 inches to 11 inches off the floor for the proper level of boxspring and mattress support  making it possible to fit a wider variety of connections. The rails fit 75″ long full and twin size box springs leaving plenty of space to make the bed between both ends of the mattress between the headboard and foot board ends.

NOTE: Do not slide bed to move after frame has been assembled.

If you would like to lower the mattress and boxspring 3 1/2 inches, check out the DRTF-3 Twin Bed Frame or DRTF-3 Full Bed Frame

Check out our Slat-less Steel rail system for Twin and Full No.1 Twin – Full Bed Frame

Note: Be Careful! Do not slide bed, may cause threaded feet and legs to become unstable.

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Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 5 × 4 in


Attaches To

Headboard & Footboard

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