Wood Replacement Bed Side Rails

Bed Rails For Full Size Bed

February 4, 2012
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Bed Rails For Full Size Bed

There are three primary types of bed rails for a full size bed.

  • The kind of rails the will convert a crib into a full size bed with headboard and footboard
  • Replacement side rails which take the place of wood side rails that have broken.
  • Free standing full size bed frame that bolts up head only or head and foot.

Wood side rails that have broken?

The steel side rails that are needed are inexpensive and very very strong and will work for most full size bed situation including taking the place of damaged, lost, or broken wood side rails. If you are lucky enough to have grandma’s old bed or perhaps the bed you grew up on don’t throw it away if the wooden sides are cracked or even broken. There is a cheap inexpensive solution to the problem and it is made by Glideaway manufacturing, their model #1 twin full side rails are built to hook into the old position of broken wood sides and there are no wooding slats necessary.

Bed Rails For Full Size Bed

WSilver’s F71001 will also work for converting multi position beds like 4 in 1 beds from crib beds, toddler beds, and daybeds into full size big boy and big girl beds with a headboard and footboard. A great solution that saves you money by utilizing your existing bed frame work and matching furniture leaving you only the full size mattress set to purchase. A really money saver!

Some people confuse bed rails with bed frames what is the difference?

Rails by industry definition are only the sides, while they can be considered a frame they are more commonly called side frames or bed side rails. Bed frames are the complete package and includes not only side rails but connecting bars that span the width at the head, middle, and foot end of the bed. Most bed frames are self supporting and can stand by themselves. The most popular are those with headboard attachments only like the 24 RR twin and full size bed frame which bolt up. Other models like the BB 24 full size bed frame will also include footboard attachments for those that design.

How much do bed rails cost?

Bed rails are cheap and can be taken home in a car or shipped by companies like UPS and Fedex.