3 Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture Into Your Home

3 Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture Into Your Home

June 4, 2020
How To

Moving heavy furniture into your new space can be a stressful and exhausting process. By taking the right steps to be prepared, the move will be a smoother process and easier for everyone. When packing the moving truck, try to make rows among the boxes to allow space for heavy items, such as your heavy-duty mattress, to be strapped against the wall so you can get to them quickly. It is safer to carry smaller boxes when you are tired later on in the day than it is to lug one big, heavy piece.

Slide Or Roll When Possible

Invest in a furniture dolly and packing blankets. You’ll be much safer and your possessions will be less banged-up if you can wrap heavy pieces in a packing blanket and roll them into your home. If you have to ditch the dolly on the sidewalk, take an extra packing blanket into your new space, set the piece on it, and slide it into place. Another tool that works well to slide large pieces is a rubber-backed rug, placed upside down under the piece.

In addition to rolling and sliding, be flexible with the concept of up and down. A sofa flat on the floor is almost impossible for one person to manage. Tipped on its side and strapped to a dolly, a single person can move it from room to room. If you’re moving large pieces completely on your own, take care to move very slowly. Always test your step to make sure you’re not close to a tripping hazard or a sudden step-down, as this is a good way to wrench your back.

Use Straps And Slings

Straps that loop over your shoulders can enable you to carry heavy, awkward pieces such as a piano with your whole back instead of just your arms. Whenever you endeavor to move such a large piece, be very careful to clear your path. Invite a moving buddy to watch your footing, especially if you’re walking backward.

A moving rope can be made out of packing straps for awkward items such as mattresses. Since mattress handles are there to help you position the mattress, not carry it, a strap with handles, looped around one edge, can greatly speed the process and make it easier on your hands.

In addition to straps and slings, be ready to roll sturdier pieces. For example, carrying an empty bookcase carcass down a flight of stairs would be both dangerous and heavy. However, if you’ve got a straight shot down carpeted stairs, you can put gravity to work for you. Set the bookcase at the top of the stairs with the side facing you. Very slowly, tilt the case and back down the stairs until it’s laying on its side. Now slide it down the stairs as you slowly back down. At the bottom, stand it on its top and put it on a dolly.

Take Things Apart

Often, the grab regions of heavy furniture are not sturdy enough to take the weight of the piece. This is especially common among wooden pieces, including antiques. Take the tops off of dining room tables and move the base separately. Remove the doors from entertainment cabinets to lighten the load. Remove drawers from bureaus to make the carcass easier to manage.

While you’re taking things apart, keep your tape handy. Wrap up hardware from anything you’ve disassembled and put it in a sandwich bag. Tape the sandwich bag to the underside of the piece so you can put it back together easily in your new spot. Keep any tools you needed for the disassembly in a handy container, such as a canvas bag that you can put in the truck toward the end of your packing project. As you start moving in, hang this bag on a door handle in your new home so you have it when you need it.

For fragile or extremely valuable items, it’s a good idea to contact a South Florida moving company if you are in that area or your particular locale. Not only does a professional moving company have the gear to do the job, but they also have insurance. Nearby moving companies are also very likely familiar with your neighborhood and can help you overcome traffic hassles.


Moving will be stressful and difficult. If at all possible, it’s a good idea to bring in some help. Not only will professional movers have all the gear with them to protect your belongings, but they can save you a lot of sore muscles. If you can move with the help of stout, hearty friends, make sure you provide all the necessary blankets, dollies and straps to make the move more manageable.

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