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10 Ways You Tell Your Mattress is Worn Out (and Needs to be Replaced!)

March 10, 2008
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  1. Your mattress salesman said so, along with the fact that too many of them are starving in America.
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  2. Your mattress is too old
    Durability can often depend on how good of a quality mattress you initially purchased. Based on that fact alone it is safe to say that if your mattress is 6, 8, or 10 years or older it is probably time to buy a new mattress. Chances are that if your folks or worse still, your grandparents gave you the mattress you are sleeping on, it may be time for a new one.
  3. Someone is allergy sensitive
    Many people are sensitive to dirt and dust that get trapped inside mattresses. Spending 7-9 hours in this setting can be harmful for anyone in this situation.
  4. Your mattress is stained
    If you would be embarrassed for friends or relatives to see the mattress minus the sheets on it, I think we can agree that is a solid sign. Obviously, these types of stains can affect allergy-sensitive people as well as non-allergy sufferers, the point is no one should want or have to sleep in a mattress environment that is stained with blood, urine, or other bodily fluids. To be proactive to such problems we recommend using an absorbent and breathable mattress pad. Be sure to clean it regularly.
  5. Your mattress is uncomfortable
    Don’t sleep in a bed that doesn’t feel good. This is an opportunity for the body to recharge. If it doesn’t it has been determined that it can affect many other aspects of one’s health.
  6. Your mattress is sagging or broke down – and you can feel the coil springs
    If you are able to lie something rigid across the mattress surface and measure 1-½ inches of compression, it is a safe bet to assume you are probably in the market for a new bed. Not only will this not feel comfortable but it will be unsupportive and bad for your back.
  7. Your mattress creaks and squeaks
    Along with being annoying, it can disturb you in the middle of the night. This may also lighten the level of sleep causing you to feel more unrested the next day. It may also be a sign of something loose or broken within the mattress or boxspring itself.
  8. You are constantly tossing and turning
    If you constantly find yourself having to readjust and position yourself throughout the night to find comfort, it could very well be your mattress. It may be the wrong bed or it could be annoying pressure points.
  9. Your back only hurts after laying on your mattress
    This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your back only hurts when you’re on the mattress, I think it is safe to say it’s not going to be the recliner or sofa.
  10. There’s not enough sleep surface for 2 people
    Although it is not a good idea to sleep with your kids and pets, it is a worse idea to also be cramped into the mattress with no sleeping space to relax. If you are constantly bumping into your spouse or partner and disturbing each of you, we suggest stepping up to a King or Queen size mattress, after all space is part of comfort. Just ask anyone who has lived in an economy apartment.