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Whether you are making a change to an organic sleep environment or just adding a level of protection to your current toxin free bedroom, a quilted organic mattress protector needs to be part of that investment. Insist on purity from the mattress and foundation you sleep on to the bedding that protects it and that you cover up with. Our quilted organic cotton pad has only a mild amount of cushioning that won’t affect your bed’s feel , protects your mattress and breathes.

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Certified Organic Wool Mattress Pad by Savvyrest

NOTE: There are two long pieces of organic cotton fabric at each corner. These ties allow the pad to fit any mattress 3″ to 14″ deep. Estimate about how long the ties need to be, then tie in place. A basic square knot (also called a granny or reef knot) or slip knot (or running knot) is a good choice. Online instructions are here. http://www/wikihow.com/Tie-a Square-Knot.

This cozy comfy pad is a savvy inexpensive way to start bringing the purity of an organic toxin free environment to the bedroom or carry on that level of pureness on top of the organic mattress you already own, the organic cotton mattress pad from Savvy Rest.

Features of our Organic Wool Mattress Pad

Certified organic cotton batting and organic cotton sateen

Natural, unbleached color- This is to assure consumers that there are no added dies of any kind promising a night of toxin free sleep.

Organic cotton – 1″ wide corner ties- Promises a secure fit which no cheap elastic to stretch or fray.

Excellent fit- Fits any mattress with a range of 3″ to 14 “.

Cleaning is easy- Machine wash in cold water on a gentle wash cycle. Best life will will be achieved with line dry. Alternative: Tumble dry on NO-Heat or lowest setting. Some shrinkage may occur

Comfort-Not too thick as to interfere with your current mattresses comfort or support.

Breathable- A must, good sleep requires not sleeping too hot.

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