Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Custom Fit Mattress Pad


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If you have a wooden framed hard sided waterbed and need some traditional protection and added comfort for your bed, look no further than the Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Custom Fit Mattress Pad from Innomax. It is not overly thick, so it won’t interfere with comfort yet is thick enough to increase air flow between the body and the water mattress while offering needed mattress protection. The 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton quilted surface adds a wonderful feel to your wood sided waterbed. The best part is that it fits properly and correctly using anchor bands to help it stay in place on your Super Single, Queen, or California King size waterbed.

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Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band™

Made and stocked for you to fit your old time waterbed. It’s Luxurious Custom Fit fit design not only pads the uncomfortable clammy surface of the vinyl, but also adds breathability and protection to your sleep investment.

How it’s Made

  • 50% Cotton/50% Polyester Quilted Top: This quality blend of both synthetic and natural materials modernizes the design by adding both durability and function.
  • Durable and Sleeps Cool: Made from 50% Cotton, it is perhaps our oldest, most sustainable, and most proven textiles that provides stronger threads for long life and also breathes for temperature neutral sleep.
  • Function: Costs are out of control for natural materials. Our simple cost saving solution is mixing the construction content with 50% polyester fabric, a durable man made material that is both durable and breathes.
  • 100% Premium Bonded Polyester Filling Retains Loft: Inside we stuff the quilting with fiber filling that adds loft and softness and better airflow to aide in providing a temperature neutral sleep environment.
  • Will Not Restrict Benefits Of Heated Waterbed: The added cover lays on the surface of your water mattress and, much like insulation in your attic, assists in trapping the warmth if you like to keep your water temperature elevated.
  • Protects The Body From Vinyl Contact: With regular cleaning the body oils that can damage vinyl are absorbed and washed out, limiting exposure and premature wear on your mattress surface.
  • Elastic Sure-Grip™ Anchor Bands: If your mattress is filled to the proper level, a very secure fit is possible thanks to durable straps that anchor themselves under all four corners of the mattress.
  • Wide Range Of Full Depth Waterbeds: Fits more sizes.
  • Machine Wash & Cool Dry: Healthier sleep and better care are the result of regular care.
  • Four Year Factory Warranty

We Make It To Fit All Hardside Waterbed Sizes:

  • California King 72 x 84
  • Queen 60 x 84
  • Super Single 48 x 84

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